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Twenty Eleven..a year of positivity!

WOW, what a year! So much and so fast….and onto another great year. I hope your New Year has started well and brings great joy, love, laughter and of course superb health.

We have had a wonderful relaxing and social holiday season and I am looking forward to some sunshine in March as we very much need some serious NATURAL vitamin D. Since Early November we as a family decided to put ourselves on some good quality vitamin D as our levels tested out to be well below normal.  I have to say it has made a tremendous difference to our ‘health’.

We are ‘clearing out’ toxins a lot more efficiently WITHOUT the long drawn out process of lethargy, fevers, aches and pains.  This is not a Monthly Boost to further bog you down with Vitamin D information but actually to just remind you that if you are not basking in regular warm sunny weather then you may just want to start yourself on some good quality vitamin D. Who knows you may just sing yourself happy or even ‘cure’ any ailments that have been hanging around without invitation.

I also wanted to share some news on the whole ‘Flu’ saga that continues to instill fear here in the UK. There is now complete ‘panic’ over kids going back to school and that there may be an ‘epidemic’ of swine flu. In all the media I have read so far I have had to stop myself from breaking into tears from laughter!…let me share just a few of these hysterical tips.. Are you sitting? Or at least not sipping a drink whilst reading this as I would not want you to choke…

– If your child is unwell then he/she should stay home (common sense don’t you think?)

– Improve hygiene – so children should wash their hands

– Earn extra ‘points’ on shoppers card by purchasing an ‘in-house flu jab’ (if you can’t beat it then jab yourself with some noxious toxins) from one of our leading supermarkets …

Without going into the flu all over again (and saving you from boredom) I would recommend looking back at my November Monthly Boost which points out why having a flu now and then is actually healthy…honestly!

But moving on swiftly I wanted to share two very short cases…one of my own 4 year old son, Jai (generally I don’t do this but the vitamin D is working a treat for us so I thought I would share our experience) and another case of a 7.5 year old who was ill with potential ‘swine’ flu …

On New Year’s Eve Jai woke up from his nap with a fever and literally limp with lethargy. We were supposedly all off out for a social at our friends to see the new year in and a ‘sleep over’. We decided to go ahead with the packing and I gave Jai a homeopathic remedy called Ferrum Phos. Within 5 mins of taking the Ferrum Phos his energy picked up, lethargy was history, fever was still present. 10 minutes on our arrival at our friends (only 1 hour since giving him the Ferrum Phos) he became delirious and started to shout ‘get it off me, get it off me and he was trying to throw something off his hands’….so I gave him Belladonna (another homeopathic remedy that covers fevers with delirious state of mind) and within 3-5 mins not only his fever but his delirious state completely cleared and then came the ‘runny clear nose’ with lots of sneezing…he was asking for tissues …..(by the way this is a good sign …any discharge generally means a clear out)…and I gave him another homeopathic remedy Nat Mur  to ease his ‘irritability due to the sneezing’…and voila within a few hours not only were we were all celebrating the arrival of another wonderful year but also Jai’s complete recovery. His total recovery time was approximately 6hrs (completely symptom free). I also want to add that he has never gotten through something like this quite as quick (usually takes at least 24hrs) and the only other change in his life has been Vitamin D supplementation. In essence the support with Vitamin D quickened recovery from illness. Hence my reminder about taking your vitamin D unless you are basking in the glorious sun. The homeopathic remedies mentioned can all be purchased in the form of a kit …see later.

The second case: I received a call from a good friend of mine (mid December) whose 7.5 yr old was unwell with fever, swollen eyes, lethargy, no appetite and losing weight. He had been like this for 6 days now. His mum had given him Calpol three times without any ‘success’. She finally took him to the GP (MD for USA folk) who later called her to come in and pick up a prescription for Tamiflu. My friend was not keen on giving this to him as her son is already on medication for ‘reflux’ so she called me for homeopathic advise and gave him Ferrum Phos (iron phosphate in homeopathic form) over the next few hrs….by the next day his fever was gone and he was regaining health and started eating again.

I share these two very recent cases as it still astounds me how we are not ‘educated’ on the most obvious and not to mention CHEAPER forms of medicine known as natural medicine that have worked wonders for many ‘moons’ but yet we are constantly ‘threatened’ by the media and encouraged to get our children to wash their hands (with chemical smelling products), vaccinate, vaccinate, vaccinate and then if that is not enough the immune system is further ‘suppressed’ with either antibiotics or anti-virals. Would it just not be easier to provide every individual and/or family with a homeopathic kit?  And some basic information on how the body has it’s own healing capacity? And in this way we boost overall health rather than weakening it and of course we empower ourselves.

We have had great success with our homeopathic flu mix to help clients through the so-called ‘winter season’, the mix not only covers general flu symptoms but emotional symptoms of anxiety and fear (as you know our whole body is connected….the psyche with the nervous system with the immune system with the hormonal system…all covered in the book Fat Doesn’t Make You Fat. This mix cost 10 Euros…now how much are the flu vaccines again with side effects? By the way homeopathy can be used before, during and after pregnancy (great for pre-conception support, morning sickness, ‘gestational’ diabetes, water retention etc), in babies, (colic, fevers, eczema, ear aches/infections etc) children (chicken pox, measles, bumps and bruises, asthma etc) the more mature as well as the less!

OOh and not to forget I will be running some workshops on natural health and immunity and how to use homeopathic remedies for common ailments such as fevers, flu, digestive upsets, hangovers (did I just type that?), insomnia, headaches, (just to name a few)  in stead of Calpol, antibiotics, Tamiflu  ….for more info drop us an email by clicking here .

To a great year ahead!


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