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Toxins part II

I introduced the concept of toxins and what they are in a previous blog and now I am introducing the process by which these toxins are rendered ‘safe’ known as detoxification. As you can imagine an imbalanced detox system equates a toxin over load and this can result in dis-ease.

Just re-capping, there are several detox organs, the major players are the liver, kidneys and the gut. BUT before I continue, I want to add that the skin is a major detox organ…..hives, eczema, spots, warts and so on…can be an indication of ‘too many toxins in our body’. The skin is considered the third kidney hence we excrete toxins via. our skin too …yes not so nice but it has to be done as the toxins are poisons.

So generally without getting too ‘bogged down with biochemical detail’ the liver detoxes these toxins/chemicals in quite an ordered manner…don’t you just love your liver? Even some of us who are considered dis-organised still have organised livers!

  1. Stage one is called phase I whereby the liver converts the toxins to less harmful toxins, basically by converting these fat soluble toxins to non fat soluble toxins

  2. Stage two as you may have guessed is called phase II where the liver converts the less toxic chemicals (from phase I) to water soluble chemicals so they can be excreted readily

  3. And yes you’ve guessed it this is phase III where by the water soluble toxins from mainly phase II are excreted by either the bile, gut (poop) or kidneys (urine).

So supporting the detox organs which also include the kidneys, gut, skin, etc are important is boosting overall health.

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