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These kids are made for adventure …

Updated: Mar 3, 2023


If you missed the first blog you can read it here

BTW the comment ‘are we there yet?’ Was something my boys would ask all the time when we went on a car journey…initially they would be excited, as there was adventure ahead and these children like movement, so a car moving is great …but then they need more.

The remedy is TUBERCULINUM…yes it does sound like tuberculosis and it is actually made from the tubercular discharge. Now before you ‘freak out’ homeopathy is not only potentized but it is super diluted too…so you do not ingest ANY organic material…it is so diluted that it is beyond Avogadro’s number in the world of physics.

In homeopathy, we have some remedies called NOSODES, and these nosodes are basically made from the diseased tissue or the discharge from the disease. So how is this remedy linked to all that I shared yesterday? If you are kind of thinking ‘what on earth is this witchery…think inoculations, what are they? But with homeopathy we have no adjuvants, we have no ‘fillers’, we have no artificial colorings or preservatives in the medicine. By the way, there is also no LD50…kind of cool right?

Back to the nosode tuberculinum, think of those who are more prone to getting TB (tuberculosis)….

– people who have moved from one place to another

– people who have left their ‘homes’

– people who may be grieving from leaving their homes

– people who may be ‘yearning’ for that better life elsewhere

This may all sound rather philosophical but the whole PICTURE of these people is taken into consideration when prescribing this remedy.

HOMEOPATHY is for ALL humans alike, adults, children, babies, pregnancy etc

What do we use homeopathic tuberculimun for?


  2. Respiratory issues: such as pneumonia, bronchitis, asthma

  3. Methylation issues

  4. Skin issues such as eczema

  5. Violence/aggression

  6. Acne

  7. Family history of tuberculosis

  8. Allergies like hay fever, or dust etc

  9. Restlessness

  10. Learning issues

Such powerful nosode remedies also work on the miasm. Miasms are also known as ‘pre-genetic dispositions’ or as SNPs (Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms). Remember just because we have a certain SNP does not mean we are going to develop that condition right? It depends on our lifestyle…which includes food, exercise, mental well being etc these SNPs can be expressed nd manifest as a dis-ease/condition. It is the same with miasms..these can lie dormant or they can be expressed…same story different language.

So here is my story….if you want to skip it and prefer the SNPs link to the miasms…then you may just want to read my story, as this for me was mind-blowing. As an ex-scientist and a nutritional therapist, these miasmatic nosodes blew my mind. When I was taught this remedy, I seriously was so excited that I had to take a coffea remedy (ailments from excitement, NO JOKE). It was ME, it was my husband, it was my at that time my one child, the next one had not yet graced us with his presence.

Now If you are into the more 21st-century language, think of SNPs such as SNPs in COMT gene or the CBS, MTHFR, etc These SNPs (miasms) lead to issues with detoxification, hormonal balance, neurotransmitter balance, ….and this is why we see some of these tubercular babies react to jabs, maybe with eczema or asthma, do you see the link? Sometimes we may see these kids with ADHD, because they are not clearing out their adrenaline or noradrenaline fast enough…imagine having high levels of adrenaline? ADHD? ADD? Not enough dopamine…which can lead to thrill-seeking. ..the links between science and homeopathy is ALL THERE…clear as issue is the language in homeopathy is so ‘foreign’. It can be so off-putting.

Back to the story….my father-in-law had TB in his early 20s in India, I had TB in Birmingham, UK at 7 months. I was in hospital for 3 months. My mother and aunties tell me stories that during this time in hospital, I would climb into other cots and take the baby’s milk bottles and drink the milk.….one of the symptom picture of tuberculinum is ‘desires milk’.

I always had a dream about escaping, to be ‘free’ and as a child I loved the outdoors, my favorite times were in India my whole time in India was spent outdoors, I loved the adventure, loved climbing onto of the buffaloes and being ‘naughty’ constantly get told off. I remember wanting to go to school with my aunty and I picked up how to write Punjabi within a few weeks of being at school with her (I was 4.5 years old). Tubercular kids can be like sponges, they can be quick, smart but there is the other side of the pendulum (as in any remedy) they can have learning difficulties, they may find it exhausting to ‘learn’ especially without movement and stimulation of the senses.

My husband had pneumonia twice and bronchitis on several occasions. He always wanted to keep moving, either cities or countries ..always looking for more ‘excitement’. Before discovering homeopathy and tuberculinum we lived in New York (he wanted the adventure and I wanted study nutrition..what a great tubercular combination). Once I started to study homeopathy, my husband went to see a homeopath as he had never really completely recovered from pneumonia in NY, since that time he would get re-occurring bronchitis or worse pneumonia, …after two doses of tuberculinum he has been free from ANY ailments of the respiratory system (this is nearly 17 years on).

My older child who is now nearly 18 years would get re-current ear infections or bronchitis every time he would pop a new tooth…a dose of tuberculinum resolved those issues. Also, remember he had eczema at 6 months.

Later on it was clear he was a ‘mover and shaker’, he had the need to soothe his restlessness and shake the classroom by speaking back to the teacher, he was labeled ‘naughty’. Which school teacher wants a child that does not follow the rules in their class.

He loved forest school which we discovered during his early years, he was soon home educated until he found his thing at 15 year which was filming and graphic design..creative outlet for the restlessness.

Does tuberculinum change your personality? NO and thank goodness not. But it can help ‘center’ those traits, it can help heal the imbalances like eczema, asthma, bronchitis, allergies…

Did I mention both my boys carry Epipens?

The tuberculinum child is generally not ‘made for school’, this child is made for adventure.

Both of my boys and husband love skiing..and the younger ones have to do the black runs…ask them why, they will answer ‘oh man, mum the speed it is thrilling!’ . They love the mountains! Remember they used to send people with TB to the mountains to convalesce..they crave that fresh air. Tubercular people love that freedom. Maybe all the forest schools (no walls, creative, freedom) in the world are full of TUBERCULAR kids. Maybe all the forest school teachers are tubercular at heart…yearning for the outdoors, connecting with that ‘freedom’.

When my younger one came along, he had asthma…and he was also that vibrant soul but in a different way, but his physical symptoms were very tubercular. At a young age he started to do some serious skateboarder tricks, he had no fear. He just like his brother seeks adventure, he gets bored easily, he can sit there shaking his leg as if it is going to vibrate off.

ALL FOUR of us have had tuberculinum prescribed by our homeopaths. Funnily, all 3 of these boys HAVE to get out every day…to MOVE…be it basketball, skateboard, cycling, scootering, tennis…as otherwise that restless would drive everyone crazy.

What I LOVE about homeopathy….

  1. it supports parents, families. It helped me understand myself and my boys

  2. It can solve an acute issue within minutes (more to come on this)

  3. It is a medicine for the current times

  4. It is a medicine of the future

When you can connect miasms to SNPs and SNPs were only discovered way after miasms …why do we not see homeopathy being used in every home? In every surgery? In every pharmacy? in every hospital? In every pandemic? In every epidemic?

Do you have a homeopathic kit? Have you used homeopathy? Would you like to study homeopathy? Would you like to understand your own children better?

To health!


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