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The Virus That Propagates

Thank you for popping by…this is a blog that I shared that was flagged up as providing ‘false information’ on facebook.

A virus cannot survive a healthy host. It is toxic to a healthy host, it gets recognized, gets labeled, gets obliterated. This involves an amazing intricate immune system, a healthy gut microbiome, an adaptable free-flowing nervous system, a healthy primary defense system, such as nasal hairs, tears in the eyes, hairs in the respiratory tract called cilia, mucus ( think vitamin A, zinc, protein, carbohydrates), it involves tonsils, healthy stomach acid (proton pump inhibitors weaken the host hence a playground for a virus).

Medications weaken the host, they deplete nutrients, they stress the detox system (aka side effects), they are props when used long term. Sure morphine etc are lifesavers in times of acute shock to the body. Antibiotics can be life-saving used ONLY when desperately required, otherwise, they just wipe out the microbiome which is absolutely vital for life.

The mis-information about relying on external ‘props’ to avoid getting ill is missing the very fact that we can nourish, feed, empower our own internal defenses.

What is a vulnerable host?

– a toxic one where chemicals abide, heavy metals block vital biochemical processes – one that does not believe in food that heals – one that wears a mask but at the same time has just walked out of a fast food joint where the food is not food but full of chemicals to make it more palatable – one that has never come across REAL salt (real salt is critical for healthy living) – one that does not question the current mainstream media narrative – one that does not see the vulnerable are dying from lack of connection, lack of touch and lack of sunshine – one that fears something that is not as ‘toxic’ as the pollutants in our soils, in our carpets, mattresses, in our colognes, in our perfumes, in our body sprays, in our sunblock lotions, in our kitchen cupboards and fridges and in our minds

The weakest but the most toxic host is the mainstream media that is propagating the virus so fast with such terror that it is the most powerful asymptomatic carrier of this virus. It is dividing mankind, it is creating hate, it is isolating those that already feel vulnerable. This toxic host has no respect for mankind, or for the body’s innate wisdom.

A dynamic, healthy asymptomatic carrier, that is not a hostage to the virus is one that is not influenced by the mainstream media, has a super adaptable immune system, free-flowing nervous system, KNOWS they have options which keep them strong in mind, body, and soul.

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To health


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