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The Sugar Rush & Dopamine

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Hi Readers,

Have you noticed it too? ….Everywhere I look at the moment there is a huge push towards getting the flu jab and a whole host of schools now providing the nasal flu vaccine (which, by the way was stopped in the USA as it was shown to be ineffective), BUT did not a large part of the world just intoxicate our children with sugar-laden junk on what is known as ‘Halloween’?

Sugar is a nutrient robber as well as a huge dopamine triggering drug. So maybe it is just the way it works…as consumers we buy the sweets, the fancy costumes, spend money un-necessarily, intoxicate the younger population in the name of ‘trick or treating’, Halloween fun, then their immune system struggles as this ‘drug’ called sugar depletes minerals and vitamins from the body. Let’s not worry because we can just give them a flu jab or nasal flu vaccine (which is ineffective) and continue depleting our and their bodies.

Dopamine is a chemical in our brain that impacts, emotions, sensations, movements, pleasure and pain.

Did you know that such a ‘drug’ induced ‘dopamine high’ is hard to replace by good healthy organic wholesome foods? Why? because we are not supposed to be getting such dopamine highs which create issues with concentration, focus, mood etc …..Long-term highs of dopamine result in the body reducing the number of dopamine binding sites, so your child will require a bigger hit of sugar to get the same ‘dopamine high’…sound familiar? Behavioural issues? not being productive? Feeling fidgety? ‘Catching’ a cold? (we do not catch colds, it is when our body is run down or depleted we get such colds)

We actually get dopamine ‘highs’ naturally and not the overstimulated version as from ‘sugar’ How, by all manner of natural activities, which include….

– eating well – listening to music – creating something – walking in nature, being in nature – movement that you ENJOY, dancing, skateboarding, yoga, – making love

When was the last time your child, grandchild, parent, you, felt that natural high? ….let’s raise our dopamine levels naturally in that way the other brain chemicals are also in harmony….

To Health!



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