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The Holy Trinity

Updated: Mar 4, 2023


I have been in this industry for the last 30 years, my first degree was in Pharmacology and I find the way man-kind has ‘mimicked nature’ quite saddening but at the same time AMAZING and life-saving. I was in A&E over a month ago and THANK GOODNESS for IV morphine! THANK GOODNESS for our medics, our nurses, our medic students, and the NHS. My opioid receptors ‘fully awakened to the moon and back’.

I share posts as I am passionate about health and education. I have seen and see people’s lives change through what I do and so many of my colleagues are in the same ‘boat’.

At this time of the year in the Northern hemisphere, vitamin D sales go through the roof. Not Vitamin A or Vitamin K2…just Vitamin D.

But there is this ‘sacredness; in the HOLY TRINITY. Vitamin D does not come alone in nature. So here is the story…Vitamin D is made from a PRECURSOR OF CHOLESTEROL in the PRESENCE of sunlight (we are meant to be in nature).

The sunlight converts 7-dehydrocholesterol (in the skin) to vitamin D3. STATINS also lower 7-dehydrocholesterol as these medications block an enzyme called HMG-CoA reductase. When you are prescribed cholesterol-lowering medications that impact HMG-CoA reductase are you advised to have your Vitamin D levels checked?

Does this mean you ‘should’ be taking Vitamin D? No, it means speak with your health practitioner about this, get a proper review.

Vitamin D is in a deep relationship with Vitamin A and Vitamin K2. The HOLY TRINITY is sacred, Nature IS SACRED.

If you are taking vitamin D, do you have ALL THREE? Are we respecting this trinity?

Vitamin D alone, increases calcium, without any ‘safety-control’, it is like riding a ‘roller coaster without the seat belt’. You can have a blood test done for calcium and it will all come out fine, as a blood test is a snapshot in time, but your body is CRAZY WISE, it will get that calcium out of the blood (as this is TOXIC think heart giving out) and disposes of it into the bones, joints, arteries, kidneys etc Your crazy wise body WILL protect a vital organ over a less vital one, so it will protect the heart instead of the bones. That is NATURE, that is the vital force at work 24-7.

An increase in Vitamin D increases the demand for VItamin A and Vitamin K, they are in this loving caring relationship. I did say they have this sacred relationship?

Vitamin A, D, and K ensure that the minerals are deposited and organized where they RESPECTFULLY belong.

Note that Vitamin A plays a key role in brain health, supplementing vitamin D without REAL vitamin A will deplete vitamin A…..which impacts brain health. There is more research coming out on the importance of this vitamin in age-related dementias such as Alzheimer’s Disease.

So if you are advised to take vitamin D without any respect for the ‘HOLY TRINITY’ then seek professional advise from a qualified practitioner in nutrition. You can read more HERE.

To nature!


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