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The C Word-Cancer

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to share a few thoughts on cancer, I hope you will find this useful.

I have been away on 3 consecutive weekends learning, engaging and sharing valuable knowledge on health. One weekend was pretty much dedicated to cancer and I will be sharing more on this at a later date. But for now, let’s just go back to understanding ‘what exactly is cancer’?

Cancer is basically when your own cells have ‘gone out of control’. In other words, they no longer have the sense/control to stop growing. They just grow and grow. Depending on where the cancer is, it can either, sit there and happily take resident in your body or it can start to produce symptoms. If it involves cells that produce hormones or cells that are growing in a particular area that is impacting say a nerve, then an individual with cancer may have some unusual symptoms.

Why would cells decide to stop listening to the rhythm of its own body? To answer this, I need to introduce two types of growth genes;

  1. Oncogenes – these are responsible for the growth of the cell, a bit like the gas pedal

  2. Suppressor genes – these genes are responsible for growth arrest, a bit like the brake pedal.

So with cancer there is some kind of a glitch, either the foot is on the gas pedal all the time or the brake pedal is not working.


What causes such a glitch? In other words what causes cancer? Well there are at least 5 reasons.

1) Our lifestyles: the treadmill lifestyle, eat, sleep, work and repeat. In other words our emotional well-being. This is such a huge part of our daily life, how we deal with our emotions is key in preventing cancer. What are your upsets, your challenges? How do you address them? Do you address them? Or ignore them? Your body is always listening.

2) Chemicals: one just needs to look in their bathrooms and kitchens, our household cleaning products contain a plethora of toxic chemicals. Do you ever wonder why there are labels on your household cleaning products that say ‘keep away from children’ or ‘harmful if exposed to the skin, wash off immediately’ ? These chemicals can create this glitch, resulting in the gas pedal being either constantly depressed or the brake pedal is no longer working. Also our planet is being suffocated by plastic. Plastic contains xeno-oestrogens (in other words toxins that mimic the oestrogen hormone, which can play a role in many health issues including cancer), pesticides are also toxic and some are considered carcinogens. Have you ever seen the films or documentaries where pesticides are being sprayed on farms and the people spraying the pesticides are wearing a full on ‘head and face mask’?  That is because they do not want to breathe in these toxic chemicals and yet we are consuming them daily in our food. Our fish are turning up female and male, because we are polluting our oceans and our bodies and this includes the synthetic hormone pills that are being excreted from our bodies and washed into our oceans. Do take a moment and think about this, is this acceptable?

3) Cosmetic products: yes let’s not forget what we put on our bodies from lotions through to perfume. Have you questioned the chemicals in that new nail polish that apparently lasts several weeks without chipping off? Maybe ask your local beautician as to what is in those longer lasting ‘shiny cosmetics’. You may discover that he/she may not know and yet she/he is exposed to these toxic chemicals daily.  Makeup, foundation creams, eye shadows, lipsticks and so forth contain chemicals that can create this glitch. I am a firm believer in natural cosmetics and love cosmetics that not only are natural but are kind to the environment. For this reason, I love Neal’s Yard products, know what is in your cosmetics. It is not just about the cosmetics but what are these cosmetics doing to the environment? The environment is our home, our children’s future.

4) Food: yes we all know this but it needs to be said again. Our food ideally should be nutrient dense, low as possible in sugar, fresh, rich in good fats (not fats that come in plastic bottles labelled as vegetable oils, or sunflower oils, to add insult to injury these fats are stored in supermarkets with bright lights which makes these fats even more toxic to the body, throw out your oils that come in plastic bottles), pesticide free, healing and wholesome. Sugar is nearly in everything, pesticides are used more and more, children are advertised to, by the sugar industry and then we have an obesity, diabetic and a dementia epidemic, but cancer is high up there too. Already, mentioned  in another one of my blogs here is that when one goes for a PETscan to detect the presence of cancer, the chemical that is injected into the body goes directly to the cancer and lights up the cancer is SUGAR. Yes, clear and simple sugar feeds cancer. The simple biochemistry of this is explained here.

5) Last but not least is medications: To be honest this could go into the category of chemicals, after all, medications are chemicals but I wanted to give medications their own category. You will see why. Although medications can be absolute life-savers and they play such an important part of life, for example in cases of a severe asthma attack or in A&E situations. I know if I had an accident, I would want the best A&E care going. However, in today’s age so many people take medications for pain relief as with headaches, for birth control, for lifestyle induced diabetes, coughs, colds, ear infections, and so forth. Every time you take a medication your detox organs have to work hard. In so many respects these organs are our life line. Our detox organs include the liver, kidneys, bowels, lungs, skin etc. In order to live a healthy life we want a healthy detox system, not one that is over loaded. If it is over loaded then these toxins (these glitchers) have no where to go and build up in the body switching on cancer causing genes.

So have a look at addressing the above 5 factors in your life, ask yourself how can you reduce your toxic load, can you switch from using pain killers to something more natural like homeopathy, or look into what you are eating. Maybe you need to cut down on the sugar and increase the green vegetables? May be drink more water? How about having some time to just ‘be’ and not be doing? Have you considered yoga or mindfulness? There are so many options and yet we are still dying from toxic over load.

These are just a few suggestions but if you are not sure try and seek some advise from a health professional.

To vitality!


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