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The Age of Unreason

Dear All, Welcome to my first Monthly Boost for 2010. Before I delve into this month’s boost, I would like to wish you a fantastic year ahead.

I had just finished my Monthly Boost along with my cup of tea when a fellow imbiber sparked up a conversation with me in the café, within 2 minutes we were discussing why the world of natural medicine is not well known about if the results are pretty life changing (his health had been dramatically improved after seeing a naturopath when the traditional doctors could do no more) …after 1.5hrs of an enjoyable conversation, I decided to re-write the Monthly Boost around this conversation…and don’t worry I won’t bore you with every detail but I would like to share the ‘nuggets’…anyway here goes…

When our ancestors were around many ‘moons’ ago there was no such thing as a synthetic drug such as aspirin. Our ancestors relied on herbs, homeopathy, nutrition, good community, hunter gatherer type ‘exercise’ (actually running from a wild beast might be considered compulsory exercise) and so on. There were not any blood tests, no MRI scans, no X-rays or any other impressive diagnostic tests. They relied solely on the symptoms, and the ‘healers’ in those days used their observational (tongue, eyes, skin, face etc) and listening skills. Today observational and listening skills have been replaced by the above mentioned diagnostic tests. We only have 5 minutes maximum with a doctor nowadays at the most, during any one appointment.

One of the major shifts that occurred with Western medicine is that we are not encouraged to take responsibility for our own health. We tend to rely on a ‘pill’ to ‘fix it’ and that ‘pill’ is prescribed by the doctor.

The medical teaching courses are still teaching the old biology, the new biology is not even known by some of the Lecturers. This new biology is much more elaborately explained by Dr. Bruce Lipton but basically says ‘we are NOT the victims of our genes’. Most people are led to believe, that because they have a specific gene it is an indication that they may get that specific condition encoded by the gene. This belief is not correct, if it was then many more people would be suffering from various cancers, heart disease, schizophrenia etc. The ancient people did not know anything about the cell let alone the gene but they had some pretty amazing cures. It basically comes down to ‘what are you bathing your cells in?’ So your environment is the key, this includes your:

  1. Conception (natural or facilitated using synthetic drugs)

  2. Birth (natural, induced or surgical intervention)

  3. Childhood environment (home life, school experiences, relationship with parents etc)

  4. Nutrition (fresh, organic, refined or micro-waved)

  5. Accidents (motor vehicle, falls, etc)

  6. Surgery (C-section, spinal surgery, mastectomy etc)

  7. Toxins (chemical such as drugs, infections, household chemicals etc)

These are only a few factors that affect the environment that your cells ‘grow up’ in.

The fact that we are STILL taught the importance of the ‘germ theory’ at medical school does not help further enlighten our new generation of medics, let alone the previously qualified. Medical students are still being taught that the ‘germ’ be it a virus or a bacteria is the culprit of disease, what they are not taught is that actually the ‘biological terrain or the biological soil’ (i.e. our body) is the key to good health. Our bodies have the ability to heal themselves as long as we do not abuse them with toxins.

We have more bacterial cells than our own cells, yes I did say we have more bacterial cells than our own cells, so how can we blame the ‘germ’. When we ‘blame’ or target the germ, we weaken our own ‘biological terrain’. For example, if the germ theory was as ‘dangerous’ as it is made out to be, then why do we not ALL get the flu when we are exposed to someone else who has the flu? Why doesn’t every toddler exposed to another toddler with measles in nursery get measles? This is because our own body is able to deal with the ‘bug,’ further strengthening the immune system. Why not just take some olive leaf extract and a good decent probiotic with a few homeopathic remedies to support the immune system and maintain the health of the ‘soil?’

Putting it bluntly, MRSA has only been created due to the ‘abuse’ of antibiotics. So what are hospitals doing now? They are focusing on ‘mega cleaning procedures’ which involve using ‘toxic’ chemicals, that the patients are exposed to which go onto weaken the patient’s general health before they even get in the operating theatre. And again, if a hospital ward has MRSA why on earth does not every patient in that ward contract it? …this is all because the ‘germ theory’ has diverted the focus from building the patient’s health to fighting the ‘bugs’.

Achieving good health is very straight forward but traditional western medicine has taken a diversion and has complicated the matter. Here is another more recent diversion …

The new chicken pox vaccine: this will only ‘stunt’ the poor individual’s immune system. Why introduce a vaccine for a disease that actually helps the individual’s immune system mature. Naturopath’s believe that childhood diseases not only aid in the immune system maturing but also aid in the emotional development of the child, but again this is not being taught at medical schools either.

Unfortunately, it is now a well known fact that conventional Western medicine is a leading cause of death in the USA, it is also responsible for one out of five deaths in Australia. In the Journal of American Medical Association Dr. Starfield revealed that the practice of Western medicine is the third leading cause of death in the USA. Don’t get me wrong, if I had an accident with my limb hanging off, I would want the nearest Accident and Emergency with a good dose of morphine. In emergency cases Western medicine without a doubt has its place.

Although I changed the subject of my Monthly Boost at the very last minute I hope that it was useful to you and makes your 2010 a more brighter and healthier year.

To the year ahead and common sense


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