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Taking Supplements? Read This

Hi there,

I wanted to ask you a few questions….

Do you take supplements? If so are they synthetic? Are they wholefood based? Homeobotannicals are basically herbs also known as botanicals that are made AND potentised. Without potentisation they would be classed as regular herbal tinctures and would be contra-indicated under various circumstances such as pregnancy or in babies and so forth.

However, this is not the case with homeobotanicals. Potentisation of these herbs results in remarkable healing qualities.

So what exactly do they do? I hear you ask….. These wonderful botanicals, absorb nutrients from the soil, make energy from harnessing the sunlight, make carbohydrates, amino acids and have their own nutrients called phytonutrients to protect themselves from burning from the radiation of the UV rays from sunlight and getting diseases. In other words, homeobotanicals are not only rich in nutrients but they have their own anti-bacterial, antiviral and anti-fungal pharmacy. When was the last time you saw a plant going to a pharmacy? In essence, these phytonutrients have tremendous healing benefits not only for the plant but also for us humans who consume them.

I much prefer these dynamically nutrient rich homeobotanicals rather than synthetic supplements. Just think about it, when vitamin C is put into a capsule it is no longer vitamin C unless it is food based such as cherry acerola or Camu Camu etc. In nature, you do not see vitamin C growing from the ground. Vitamin C or any other vitamin or mineral will come as a family, as a community in the form of food, never in isolation.

Synthetic supplements have created this ‘isolation’ nutrient culture. If you take supplements…then it would benefit you from knowing ….

  1. Where they come from?

  2. How they formulated?

  3. Does your body assimilate them?

  4. Does this supplement create balance?

  5. Does this supplement create an imbalance in other nutrients?

Food for thought 🙂

To Health!


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