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Susceptibilities and Co-morbidities

Updated: Mar 3

Since the first lockdown, my practice has gotten so busy, needing to cut my hours and get support so I can actually do some e-courses for people to empower themselves and not rely on snippets and feel ‘trapped’ by fear.

I have seen people shrink in from the fear, lose weight, gain weight from stress eating, become anxious, getting angry (me too) and lose loved ones for all sorts of reasons. I know of three clients who have tried to take their lives.

I am feeling sick and tired of the fear, sick and tired of the media, sick and tired of people feeling so dis-empowered.

So I wanted to share about all this talk about co-morbidities and susceptibility.

To be susceptible DOES not mean you have to have an UNDERLYING HEALTH ISSUE. Let’s just get this clear. Again my capital letters are passion, not anger.

Susceptibility can vary from

– poor nutrition (this is obvious) but does not have to have ‘show up’ as an underlying condition

– being on medications (this is a biggie, medications deplete nutrients)

– insomnia (low melatonin)

– re-occurring mouth ulcers (poor immunity)

– hay fever (an autoimmune condition)

metabolic dys-regulation (this is alot of us), you do not have to be diabetic to have metabolic dysr-egulation.

Actually, if the NHS tested regularly people fasting insulin levels, fasting blood sugar, homocysteine levels…we would not have the DIABETIC EPIDEMIC that we do. The current medicine is not about HEALTH it is about ‘dis-ease management’ and dis-ease management through medications.

Co-morbidities are basically contributing causes and for the current situation these include

– diabetes

– asthma

– fatty liver

– high blood pressure

– heart disease

– auto-immune conditions

– cancer

But what has created them? What has resulted in diabetes? What has resulted in high blood pressure? What has resulted in auto-immune disease? What has resulted in asthma? What has resulted in the fatty liver?

What is clear is that in the West we have gotten used to junk food, food that is depleted from VITAL nutrients. Food that is convenient, food that is deep-fried, food that is poisoned with pesticides, food that is called a ‘cooking oil’ that sits in a PLASTIC shelf on a supermarket shelf for ‘goodness knows how long’, and it is already toxic before we even purchase it. This is called oxidation, it is a biochemical fact.

How is it that an oil that comes in a seed (like sunflower oil), beautifully protected by mother nature IN A SEED, not only from oxygen but from sunlight and man has managed to extract the oil from the precious seed using a process that is toxic in itself and exposed it to not only oxygen but light? THEN this toxic oil is packaged in TOXIC plastic. THEN mankind takes this toxic oil home and HEATs IT UP…and cooks with it. How have we come to this? Where did this all start?

How is it that we have a whole grain kernel that is RICH in OILS, B VITAMINS and MINERALS…that is then STRIPPED and RAPED from its VITAL nutrients whilst it is being converted to a white grain, think brown rice into white rice, think whole grain being converted into white flour AND THEN there is a slight conscious that it gets FORTIFIED with FOLIC ACID (toxic) and SYNTHETIC vitamins and we call it food. How have we come to this? Where did it all start?

We are no longer eating REAL NUTRIENT DENSE food and yet we sit at home, in a bubble, isolating, wearing protective gear when the invader is our DEPLETED food and the food industry. Yet mankind is pointing fingers at each other, stay home, wear your mask, be a hero. How did we get here? How have we come to this? How did it all start?

How can we empower ourselves, our innate immune system, our adaptive immune system? How can we nourish our internal terrain, so when a microbe comes along, it is recognized, it is ‘inactivated detoxed and eliminated with ease? Without any complications. Co-morbidities are ENABLERS of this virus.

Do you know that we can start to ERADICATE these co-morbidities? Just because one has a co-morbidity does not mean it is there to stay, that it is a DEATH SENTENCE. Look at the food on your plate? Look at the medications that you are prescribed, look at the toxins that you have and are exposed to, Look at your lifestyle. Do not fall prey to the ‘I have X’ and I am, ‘sick’. You may have X but you can change that.

We are hearing so much about some SUPERHEROES, the likes of zinc, vitamin C, glutathione, melatonin, copper, iron, vitamin D…but guess where they come from?

They come from our NUTRIENT DENSE foods and from our lifestyles.

If we are eating foods that are STRIPED AND RAPED then we are low in these superheroes. If we are petrified of going out and angry at people not wearing their masks or for traveling to work then remember all that mental energy is using up these nutrients.

Melatonin is our healing rises ONLY WHEN CORTISOL our stress hormone drops. So if you are stressed, if you are in that ‘sympathetic state’ of mind, your melatonin levels will be low. Our body is an amazing interconnected dynamic BEing. The immune system needs your assistance through healthy FOOD and a HEALTHY lifestyle. It wants to be empowered in a balanced way. It is not against you. The body never just turns against us, mother nature is not a crazy woman. She is loving and kind but she is also being poisoned by pesticides, by petroleum, by plastic etc Our government is even planning on poisoning our bees with a pesticide and yet they wait for a miracle cure.

Our stripped food is annihilating our immune system. You see your immune system wants you to thrive, it tries its best. It does not want to be hyper-manic or hypo-manic. It wants to be able to be balanced and do its job. Your body does not turn against you because it is bored or it no longer wants to live, it does everything before it starts to produce symptoms, conditions, dis-eases.

The symptoms which are the current CO-MORBIDITIES for the current virus have actually always been huge issues for our medical system. This is nothing new. BUT has any doctor, any immunologist, any pathologist, any rheumatologist, any cardiac surgeon, any psychologist, any endocrinologist sat down and shared the story of the toxic food industry? And how to avoid their poisons? This is not the fault of the people, if you want to be angry and point fingers, be angry, point fingers at the food industry, at those in power, write to them, email them, call them. But do not turn against your neighbor, do not turn against your fellow humans.

We all want a quick fix, but the quick-fix era is the problem. Quick fix medicine and quick-fix food, quick fix degrees, these quick fixes have no real depth, no real cures, no real answers, no real change, NO REAL TRANSFORMATION for the better. Just take a look at Instagram, look at snap chat, look at Twitter…it is instant…give it to me in short, sharp, stripped bullet points. No time for research, no time for contemplation, just information overload, and only in short snippets or fancy images.

I have posted so much over the last year since this microbe has ‘captured’ everyone. Do have a browse through them and why not start with where you purchase your food and what is on your plate.

I am in the process of completing the mini nutrition e-course that will go into more depth and it will be educational and most importantly my goal for putting it together is for TRANSFORMATION. I am so tired of people believing they have to live with their illness and the only way out is through isolation (that is impacting them mentally), or some drug or some product.

Let’s build our inner health, let’s get back to being empowered, and let’s love our neighbor.


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