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Sexy Liver Or Sexy Estrogen?

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

So we have had a fantastic article written by Caitlin Moran in The Times on Saturday, July 04 2020. If you missed it then do google it and have a read. It is quite a read, as someone said ‘hysterical and heartbreaking’.

But here is something about hormones, we talk about the birth control pill to help with teenage acne or heavy periods or endometriosis, we talk about having HRT for the menopause or low libido or vaginal dryness or the hot flushes that can turn your bedsheets into a puddle. We talk about HRT to ‘feel’ young or want to stay ‘young’ (who are we kidding)…..

Why do we not talk about the sexy liver?

Did you know that estrogen gets a good reputation in menopause and a bad reputation with dis-eases like cancer of the breast or ovaries or prostate cancer? But the LIVER is a KEY vital organ for managing this sexy or not so sexy hormone. The liver can make estrogen sexy or cancerous. It is not estrogen per se that is cancerous BUT the by-product of estrogen, these bi-products come from the liver.

Did you know we have various types of estrogens? The types of estrogens we have depend on the ‘health’ of our liver. We have a whole ‘stash’ of enzymes in our liver, but there is a group called the CYTOCHROME P450 family. These enzymes in the LIVER are key in detoxifying these estrogens out of the body but sometimes they do not get ‘ushered’ out quite so effectively and end up creating some serious commotion.

If these liver enzymes are not working so well due to toxins, such as medications, emotional toxins, toxic metals like aluminum, pesticides, toxic body sprays (speak to your teenagers), then we end up with toxic estrogens. Some of these toxic estrogens are known to promote the growth of cancers of the breast, ovaries, and prostate. Estrogen is not just a FEMALE hormone.

And guess where the cancer-causing estrogen come from? A sluggish liver.

What causes a sluggish liver? toxins.

You see the active version of estrogen has to do its job, BUT once the job is done then it is time to send that estrogen packing. The liver MAINLY does this packing job, it ensures that it leaves that body of yours, safely and quietly without too much disruption. However, if there is disruption then toxic estrogen such can damage DNA in our cells. DNA damage makes these toxic estrogens carcinogenic (cancerous).

So explain to me how estrogen can be prescribed be in the form of the birth control pill or HRT or bio-identical hormones if your doctor has not checked your liver health (BTW I am not referring to the liver enzymes like AST, ALT, or GGT). Does he/she/they know which metabolites your liver is producing from the estrogens? If quinones are produced from the estrogens then we have a potential cocktail for cancer. If this is hard to believe ask any doctor about estrogen metabolism and cytochrome P450s and the quinone derivatives. These quinone derivatives react with DNA and with proteins such as GLUTATHIONE (our major anti-oxidant) which is not good news.

When our ovaries retire, our adrenals take over…in today’s day and age, by this time our adrenals are also ready to retire. Most of us have lived on our adrenal energy for the last 30 years or so, so how on earth are they supposed to rise up to the occasion at 50yr plus? for the next ‘X’ years? Well by surviving and not thriving.

A bit of HRT, or bio-identical hormones may help with acute symptoms but do they really address the flagging adrenals? Do they nourish the adrenals? Do they prevent cancer? The simple answer is NO. They are just ‘props’ as life ‘must’ continue.

Why is your doctor not talking about supporting your adrenals, your nervous system, and LOVING your liver. No man or woman can thrive without this.

Come and learn how to LOVE your LIVER and about your adventurous adrenals in my 30-day e-course on the science of mindful feasting and fasting. HURRY as doors close on Saturday July 18th at mid night as the e-course starts on Sunday 19th July.

It is only running ONCE time this year and at a crazy LOCKDOWN price of £99 with a DEDICATED FB group.


How long are the videos? All in the link HERE When does it start? All in the link HERE I am a vegan can I do the course? Why not? I am a meat-eater can I do the e-course? Why not? How much is it in dollars? Use currency convertor I am in another time zone? No problem

Please read the details in the link to the e-course. Your life will never be the same again (I think that is a good thing 🙃 ).

To sexy livers!


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