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So recently, there has been an article going around on social media about probiotics and how they are not effective. And then the ripple effect is receiving emails from clients asking what do you think about this ‘article’?

There is quite a bit of truth in probiotics being ‘useless’ . Now before you go all crazy…….read on…

People have started to take probiotics like their daily coffee or afternoon tea. This is not what probiotics were originally ‘designed’ for.

– Been on antibiotics?

– Had a stomach bug?

– Had some food poisoning?

– MRSA and survived?

– IV antibiotics?

Then yes, they can help BUT not as a daily pill or maybe even not so daily. WHY?

Research is showing (and homeopathy is WAY WAY ahead, see the article attached) that actually matching the ‘bug/bacteria’ to the symptoms is key.

So when was the last time you matched your probiotic to your symptoms?

Homeopathy shows these ‘bugs’ in a slightly different light…matching the symptoms to the ‘bug’. These symptoms can be physical, mental or emotional…but they are only ‘prescribed’ when the picture matches..a bit like a game of bingo.

Eating foods, herbs and spices that support the gut, increase circulation to the gut, hence increase nutrients to the gut, that heal the gut, that nourish the gut are much more beneficial than popping probiotics.

Our gut flora (or any other flora such as the microbiome in our mouth, on our skin, in our vagina) is like an ecological landscape, it is rich in all sorts of vegetation (i.e. bacteria) BUT it has to HAVE mineral-rich soils, buzzing with wildlife native to that BIOME (akin to say our blood supply, our detox system, our immune system taking nutrients that suit OUR OWN constitution).

However, expecting to plant a tree (take a probiotic) on a landscape that is poor in soil quality (gut that is poorly fed, nutritionally depleted) makes no sense.

So NOURISH, BUILD and TEND to the landscape (THE BIOME) and feed it well, nourish the cells that transport nutrients through the cell membrane, feast on foods like spices and herbs that produce such an effect that they increase blood supply to the internal BIOME.

In essence, save your money and switch to real food, real medicine, even a sustainable form of medicine like homeopathy and bring back life in your very own UNIQUE BIOME.

EVEN emotions are known to play havoc with the microbiome, so remember to feed your mind well too. There is no use ‘running around like a headless chicken’ and expecting a probiotic to grow that head, get the idea?

So here is a blog I had put together a while back that explains a little more about these so-called HOMEOPATHIC probiotics HERE.

To our precious biomes!


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