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POTS – They Said “There Is No Cure”


Just want to share this quick case on POTS…..

In February, Amanda had completed my ‘fasting and feasting’ course. She had a variety of symptoms the main one being a very unpredictable autonomic nervous system (I share on this in my course BUT I will be sharing more on this system in my soon to start membership, as the autonomic nervous system controls all that we have ‘no control over’ and it can be pretty frightening when it goes slightly haywire).

Amanda’s symptoms of this unpredictable autonomic nervous system were;  BP dropping, suddenly high heart rate, feeling very weak and not being able to function day to day.

She was diagnosed with Postural Orthostatic Tachycadia Syndrome (POTS). However, during the programme of ‘fasting and feasting’, she improved dramatically and was able to go back to work part-time which was life-changing as she had been working from home for the last 2.5years. She still felt ‘controlled’ by sudden symptoms coming on.

One of her major issues was mineral imbalance and this balanced out beautifully by week 3 of the course BUT the icing on the cake was a homeopathic probiotic (known as a bowel nosode) that I prescribed 5 weeks into the ‘fasting and feasting’ programme.

Here are the symptoms of this bowel nosode:

– extreme mental and physical fatigue

– weakness and faintness from standing

– syncope on exertion (fainting due to temporary fall in blood pressure)

– associated with myocardial weakness which may strike SUDDENLY!


Don’t you just love it when someone who embarks on a healing journey actually achieves complete restoration of health when she was advised that there is no cure for her condition?

Before Amanda signed up for the course she had been on Beta-blockers and also steroids to manage her electrolytes, now these meds are pretty heavy duty, ALTHOUGH IN CERTAIN SITUATIONS LIFE SAVING, they can also mess up the mineral balance and hence the biochemistry..but in Amanda’s own words she felt that ‘she was being controlled’ by the meds and her POTS.

We were kindred spirits as her first degree was in pharmacology as was mine and she was determined to come off the meds, as she knew the long-term impact of these meds would create other long-term health issues.

So, today she is a fully functioning 42-year-old who continues with the fasting and feasting with a more ‘mindful’ attitude towards her daily life. She had to re-wire her neuro-chemistry from being a workaholic to being a human BE-ing.

She could see the early signs of her body asking for help 10 years prior to the full-blown POTS, even her husband says ‘it is like living with a new woman, you saved our marriage’.

If you would like to book a session do email me or sign up for the e-course hop on here…as the next one starts on Sunday, April 29th 2018.

To Health!


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