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Our most powerful anti-oxidant

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

Say what?

Say GLUTATHIONE. This fella has been getting quite a bit of press in the covid world of nutritional medicine. Have you come across GLUTATHIONE?

Did you know it is the second most abundant ‘molecule’ in the body? AFTER WATER? …yes, you may just want to sit down right now and read the rest.

Firstly YOUR body makes glutathione, it is that important IT MAKES IT. Your body is into HEALING 24-7.

Glutathione is the body’s most powerful ANTI-OXIDANT. This fella is so important as it ‘zaps up’ oxidation. Oxidation is the equivalent of rusting.

We naturally have oxidation in every cell, WHY? because in order to produce our currency of energy called ATP, there are explosions of oxidation, moreso within every cell that houses the magic mitochondria.

We cannot produce ATP WITHOUT oxidation, so it is what it is and therefore our body makes this fella. It is incredibly VITAL.

Now if we have a lot of oxidation going on, from those oils I mentioned in yesterday’s blog or from toxins like pesticides then this fella really takes quite a ‘hit’. There is only so much a fella can do, right?

Glutahione is also absolutely vital for a healthy immune system…WHY? Because a healthy immune system will also produce oxidation, because it uses oxidation to ‘terminate’ ‘foreign invaders’ like a MICROBE, like a virus-infected cell.

Now if the glutathione is so occupied with the oxidation created inside the cell due to nutrient-poor food, it can only do so much. It can’t be in all places at the same time, actually, it can but it has to prioritize as to what is VITAL. And guess what? It is not to produce ENERGY…think about it……

When you ‘fall’ ill, say the flu, or this current microbe, your body can get wiped out, no energy, lethargy, you just want to curl up in bed…why? Because the body needs you to shut right down, so it can ‘go and do the healing’ and that healing means IMMUNE CELLS creating fireworks of oxidation.

This oxidation is vital, but too much oxidation is detrimental, so this fella, GLUTATHIONE puts on his cloak and starts to put out the oxidation. If we do not have enough gluathione, we can be ‘over-oxidized’ in parts.

Can you see the connection between some of the COVID symptoms and oxidation? ….Have you considered your glutathione levels? ….

So what else is this fella so famous for? Well, he is also known to be quite a hero in the detox arena. The phase 2 detox arena. Yes, think toxic metals like aluminum, mercury. think medications think hormones, think environmental pollutants. So one can be more susceptible if they do not have this fella close to their heart.

Glutahione does not detox just during spring or just before autumn, it detoxes 24-7. No rest for him.

GLUTATHIONE is made up from 3 so-called amino acids…(think protein foods)




And these come from food and can also be made in the body as long as we are NOURISHING ourselves with some healthy good food.

Here is the ‘kicker’, to make glutathione we require something called METHYLATION, to get this METHYLATION thing in full swing we need Vitamins B6, Folate, B2, B12, minerals like zinc.

So can you see, it is not all about ‘hey take VITAMIN D Jack’ and you will be better off….they are ALL connected. Add GLUTATHIONE to that list, and the methylation factors.

NO part of OUR biochemistry is ‘shut off’ from another part. The body just does not work that way. So can you imagine taking whole sack load supplements that your neighbours can hear you rattling?

If you are on medications they can deplete these VERY NUTRIENTS that are involved in the METHYLATION process. If you are on ant-acids they will just deplete you of nutrients over time, true story, I see it in clinic time and again.

So imagine having a product put inside your body, somewhere the alarm bells will start to ring….they may ‘sound like’

– fever

– malaise

– headache

– rash

– allergic reaction

– weakness

– poor concentration

etc …..

This is why GLUTATHIONE IS VITAL. It is quite popular amongst detox clinics to give it in IV form when someone has had ‘poisoning’…can you see why?

So eat your greens (and more) as your mum may have said to you and stay off the booze, support your methylation and ‘be happy’. Bump up your ‘ladies fingers (okra), avocado, broccoli, spinach, chives, onions, asparagus, Brussel sprouts (not just for Christmas), leeks, garlic, eggs, (think sulphur foods), radish, water cress, kale, organ meats, tomatoes, Brazil nuts many REAL foods to be enjoyed. FOOD IS MEDICINE. 

Oh and this fella, GLUTATHIONE that never complains working 24-7 helps out vitamin E and Vitamin C…because these ‘guys’ get jaded (and glutathione ‘un-jades’ them by keeping them in their healthy active form which is the reduced form). Quite a hero right?

I do not recommend any glutathione products apart from the liposomal ones…as most glutathione supplements just get ‘singed’ by the stomach acid’. Be warned lipophilic glutathione is not cheap. Here is a GLUTATHIONE THAT  I recommend when it suits the individual. But remember FOOD is KEY. If you want to learn more I have e-courses check them out here

1. Radically upgrade your health HERE.I run this course once a year ONLY,  Join in if you want and get not only educated but healthy as you nourish your MIND and body.

2. Non -Fiction Nutrition HERE available to sign up any time and do at your own pace over the 60 days.

To health!

PS. all capital letters are either due to passion or for emphasis, no anger is involved in writing this blog. And words like ‘newslettering, ‘un-jaded ‘over-oxidized’ come from my own dictionary. I never liked English at school.

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