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Organ Drainage And Support

Hi there,

I am sharing on the physical aspects of not only the homeobotanicals but also the importance of drainage and detoxification.

At a cellular level, nutrition consists of two interdependent factors:

  1. Assimilation, which is the process of conveying to the cell all essential nutrients in a form able to be absorbed and used by that cell.

  2. Drainage or removing from each cell the waste products so that the process of assimilation is not impeded.

The physical action of homeobotanicals includes organ drainage or stimulating the elimination of toxins from specific areas of the body.

At a cellular level, life processes are dependent upon a steady supply of nutrients, as well as a steady elimination of waste products. This drainage/elimination process involves ALL the eliminative organs.

The effectiveness of any healing programme depends upon establishing and maintaining the harmony of nutrition AND drainage at a cellular level.

Around 1960, the French physician Dr. Emile A. Maury was developing a concept of what he called “detoxication”. In his book “Drainage in Homoeopathy” he developed Hahnemann’s directive to FIRST REMOVE THE CAUSE.

He noticed that modern case takings were blurred and indefinite, probably due to the environmental pollution which affects all people. He found that by opening up the major drainage organs of the body (liver, bowels, kidneys lungs, skin etc.) using very low potency remedies, his patients’ health improved.

This therapeutic model was compared to renovating an old house. It is desirable to clean out all the dust and rubbish before starting to paint and wallpaper. This analogy applies directly to the body – opening up the natural channels of elimination, clears away much of the cause of disease in the individual. A person so cleansed would present with a clear symptom picture which simplified prescribing any remedies. More often than not, the patient required no further medical help once their eliminative organs were working properly.

In essence, ensuring the detox organs are sufficiently supported and able to do their job ensures drainage of the waste/toxins.

So in practice, I ensure that your elimination pathways are first supported and nourished before starting the ‘decorating’. At all times, nutritional programmes are put together to encourage natural homoeostasis (balance) rather than trying to impose a chemical or physical solution on the body.

This is the physical action that takes place using homeobotanicals. The beauty of using these remedies is that they provide nutrition as well as drainage.

To Health!


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