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Orchestra of the female hormones

I just wanted to share a little on the menopause. Some women embrace it others ‘get through it’ and some would prefer to avoid it all together. Let’s just delve a little into this stage of a woman’s life.

Before a woman actually reaches the menopause (not that there is an end point as such) there are various changes beforehand known as the peri-menopause. These can be anywhere from depression, loss of libido, irritability, anxiety, hair loss, hot flushes, insomnia, migraines, acne and fatigue. These symptoms can start 10 years before the the so-called menopause. This is because the ovaries, known also as the sex producing hormone glands are slowing down.

So in essence the ovaries start preparing for retirement. I don’t blame them, after all they have worked hard enough through a woman’s life from the time she is conceived. The female energy is literally life forming and has no bounds. So when the ovaries start to prepare for retirement other glands have to take on the role. As you can imagine, in any organisation if the HR director retires they will be replaced by another one. So the adrenal glands basically ‘replace’ the ovaries BUT they are not the ovaries. Like the new HR director is not going to do the job exactly like the old HR director. ……Stay with me…as this is important to grasp.

So how we ride through this period in our life is very much dependent on the health of our adrenal glands. These wonderful amazing power glands make our sex hormones (from cholesterol may I add). The healthier the adrenal glands the less a woman experiences menopausal symptoms.

So not only do naturopaths and homeopaths look to support a woman through these changes but to ensure the adrenals are fed and nurtured. These glands require nutrient dense foods, including protein as well as specific minerals. These glands are so important that pharmaceutical companies have copied and made some of the hormones made by these glands such as DHEA, oestrogen, progesterone, and cortisone to name a few.

As homeopaths we take into consideration your history, your symptoms and your personality and what matters to you, in order to address the hormonal re-balancing symptoms as well as triggering the body to heal itself and find a healthy balance.

It is important to keep in mind that the synthetic man made sex hormones and cortisone are 1000s times more potent than our own and are NOT IDENTICAL to our own. So these can have side effects including cancer, depression, bloating, weight gain, migraines etc…

Don’t suffer through these changes (but also I am not one for saying ’embrace them’ as they can be unbearable and debilitating), but have a chat with a naturopathic practitioner and see if you can ride this time with enjoyment and energy.

Feel free to hit the like and/or share button, I am sure we all know someone going through this…

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