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My Child, My Choice


Dear whom it may concern,

I am writing this letter with much disappointment and sadness that the ‘consent form for the Teenage Boosters’ which consists of two single injections has no option to NOT consent (please note all capital letters are for emphasis).

I am sending this letter to NOT CONSENT to my teenager having these two injections. My teenager cannot demonstrate an understanding of the vaccinations that are ‘due’.

He is NOT Gillick competent (more details on this HERE ). I am first a parent, and I am also an educator and a scientist. My teenager does not know

  1. The diseases that these injections are supposed to protect him from

  2. The ingredients in each of these injections

  3. About each virus or bacteria particles being injected into his body

  4. About the innate immune system

  5. About the adaptive immune system

  6. About natural immunity

  7. What an antibody is

  8. That not having antibodies to any of the above ‘pathogens’ does not mean he NOT immune

  9. In nature a child is never exposed to all 7 pathogens in a space of a few minutes let alone a day or weeks or months

  10. The side effects of having these injections

  11. That being allergic and having to carry an epipen makes him more prone to auto-immune conditions if exposed to a plethora of pathogens with some questionable ingredients within these injections

  12. That NO pharmaceutical company, or doctor, or the injector (in this case the immunisation nurse) can be held responsible for any adverse reactions that he may have

  13. That he may be a poor methylator, have a poor phase 1 or 2 detox pathways that can result in him reacting to an injection

If my teenager understood ALL of the above and consented that is a different matter. But a teenager at public or non public secondary school has very little understanding of basic immunology.

I am his parent, his guardian. My child’s health is my responsibility not the responsibility of a school, a local NHS Trust.

I re-iterate that I DO NOT CONSENT to my child to having ANY injections that involve components of pathogens.

If my child is given the injections without my consent, I will be contacting my lawyer as this falls under coercion, and is in breach of medical ethics. I again want to emphasise that my child is NOT Gillick Competent (reasons mentioned above).

If you would like an educated, informed scientist to come and provide workshops to your teenagers from an un-biased perspective, I am happy to arrange this.

These workshops will cover

  1. Each disease,

  2. Each pathogen

  3. What exactly is a vaccine?

  4. The ingredients within the each injection

  5. The difference between natural exposure to these pathogens and exposure via injections

  6. The microbiome (the emerging natural wonder of the immune system,)

  7. The innate immune system

  8. The adaptive immune system

  9. The importance of clean water

  10. The importance of good nutrition in boosting health and preventing disease

  11. The detox pathways that are key in supporting immunity and detoxification following injections

  12. History of the pharmaceutical industry

  13. What if there is a reaction to the injection

  14. What are auto-immune conditions

  15. What if my child carries an epi-pen

I believe in empowering our younger generation to make INFORMED health decisions having understood both the advantages and disadvantages of childhood immunisations.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me regarding NOT consenting my teenager to these injections or to set up teenage workshops.

Yours sincerely

Dr. Khush Mark PhD

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