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Modern Day Book Burning

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

My previous blog HERE on Facebook has been fact-checked and flagged as false information…let me break it down a little bit here…

Facebook found my post false because they believe

Healthy people can catch viruses; masks and medication don’t make people more vulnerable

Let’s clear this up, in the blog there was no mention that healthy people cannot ‘catch’ a virus. A healthy host can ‘catch’ the virus but the healthy host has the strength and resilience to eradicate this virus, without KILLING itself in the process. It is not complex, it is the working of the immune system along with other systems in our body.

Facebook is claiming by flagging my blog as false information ..that

Medications don’t make people more vulnerable?


So how is that someone on chemotherapy is immuno-compromised? Or is chemotherapy not a form of medication?

How is it that someone on steroids is immuno-compromised? Or are steroid drugs not a form of medication?

How is it that someone on methotrexate that DECREASES the activity of the immune system does not make someone more vulnerable to ANY virus/infection? Or is Methotrexate not a medication?

Methotrexate is prescribed for auto-immune conditions such as psoriasis and rheumatoid arthritis. This MEDICATION is known to SLOW the growth of cells. But what do we NEED when we are exposed to a virus? We need cells to grow fast and ‘quickety quick’, we want those dendritic cells, T cells, B cells, macrophages going forth, and multiplying without condoms! to deal with this unwanted guest.

I am absolutely saddened by the censorship that is going on. What I share is straight forward simple science. Maybe a science that is more ‘out of the box’ because it is about asking the right questions, not following the mainstream narrative or just memorizing the immune system at medical school so we can just pass the tedious exams! and be done.

If you are still not sure that medications make people more vulnerable, just check out the medication Metformin (used to MANAGE diabetes not CURE). I choose this MEDICATION as we all know diabetes is a co-morbidity in this current day and age of the virus.

Did you know that this medication depletes FOLIC ACID AND VITAMIN B12 (not just one or the other but BOTH)…what does this mean, it means if you take this medication you have less of these two vitamins AND these two vitamins are critical in the synthesis of the MYELIN sheath.

What is myelin sheath? It is the fat that goes around the nerve cells, and healthy myelin means healthy nerve cells, healthy brain function. Guess what people with type 2 diabetes are at risk of? DEMENTIA.

So reducing levels of folic acid and Vitamin B12 makes one MORE vulnerable on a whole range of other levels. But how about Metformin potentially being linked to making one more vulnerable to the virus?….

Both B12 and Folic Acid are KEY, VITAL, CRITICAL vitamins for the methylation cycle…what does this mean to my clients? Or to you reading this post, it means that when these two vitamins are low, then homocysteine can increase (it will)…what is homocysteine? It is a MARKER FOR heart disease. Am I missing something or am I just providing more ‘false information’?

If this is hard to believe ask a WELL qualified passionate doctor that knows their cardiovascular system and immune system. Homocysteine is INFLAMMATORY. …what is the issue if we have too much inflammation? The virus cannot be readily and efficiently ‘dealt’ with, without some complications. We need inflammation but not that much thank you very much.

So …let’s just step back a little and take all this in, someone with type 2 diabetes that is already more vulnerable to this current virus (as usually, they are also overweight with a fatty liver and some seriously insulin-resistant cells) is even more at risk when they are low in vital vitamins that are not only involved in heart health BUT involved in the prevention of dementia. It does not stop there, these two vitamins are absolutely ESSENTIAL in METHYLATION, and guess what?

METHYLATION is key in cell growth and reproduction.

GUESS what? ..we need a whole bucket load of cell growth and reproduction to make all these immune cells and make all these antibodies and cytokines and anti-inflammatory and inflammatory chemicals.

This is in the nutritional biochemistry textbooks, this is not FALSE information. It is not rocket science. Most of my nutritional therapist compadres know all this too. There is no information being falsified.

Who has the time to falsify information? That is not my intention to share FALSE information far from it.

It Is my passion and intention to share real education. If you want more science go to Pubmed and do your own research, do not just believe me or the fact-checkers for that matter.

Look up the methylation cycle and BOOM, it is involved in a WHOLE host of functions.

So please when my blog is tagged as false information, we are dis-empowering people who want to get educated and responsible for their own health. We are keeping valuable information away from people. Why not share life-saving education? Why not empower people? It sure would save the NHS!

Do not get me started on steroid medications (a medication that should come with all sorts of FLAGS and TAGS) ….. steroid medications WORK BY SUPPRESSING the immune system. ASK ANY DOCTOR why they mainly prescribe steroid medications? Steroids are medication.

As for masks, I am not even going to waste my dinner time but enough material above to ponder on for now.

PS. I have no issue about being tagged as providing false information if I was providing false information. Tag me, hold me accountable. But what is more concerning is that those who really want to know are being ‘misled’ by the censorship.

Do your research, don’t just take my word. This is modern-day book burning.

In case my FB page disappears you can always sign up to my newsletters.  Be inspired, be encouraged …in the words of Margaret Mead

“Never believe that a few caring people can’t change the world. For, indeed, that’s all who ever have”

To health and freedom!


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