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Magic Minerals

Hi there,

Today I wanted to share about the dynamic minerals also known as cell salts or tissue salts, so let me introduce you to the Dr responsible for these magic minerals.

Dr. William H. Scheussler (1821-1898) of Germany discovered a system of restoring mineral balance in the body in a process he called biochemistry. Basically, he used the minerals naturally occurring in the body as his sole source of supplements. To render the minerals easily assimilable, he prepared them by a process known as “potentisation” which had earlier been developed by Dr. Samuel H. Hahnemann (1755-1843), also of Germany.

Scheussler originally adopted twelve minerals in his system which are popularly known as “cell salts.” Modern biochemistry uses over forty naturally occurring minerals from human metabolism and each is potentised before use. The system of potentisation used by Scheussler was the so-called decimal system, in which 10% of each mineral is progressively ground very finely into a lactose (milk sugar) base. The most common potency used is 6X (or 6D) which involves six progressive reductions of the mineral, usually performed by grinding in a mortar and pestle.

At this sixth potentisation, there is only one part per million of the original mineral present and this is soluble enough to be used as a food supplement. Higher potencies are prepared by dissolving the lactose/mineral cell salts in water and then proceeding in further 10% dilutions as required.

However, at that 6X concentration, one MILLION grams of cell salts would be needed to provide one gram of mineral. So an enthusiast would need to eat a metric tonne of cell salts to obtain their RDA of calcium.

As surprising as that may seem, cell salts do actually function as food supplements and their effectiveness has been proven over more than a century. Calcium phosphate is the major biochemical cell salt and taking a few tablets daily can markedly improve health. Commonly labelled Calc. phos, this cell salt is indicated for general debility, especially in growing adolescents. Using the Calc. phos. as part of the diet produces remarkable improvements in the general wellbeing of the person.

It appears that taking calcium and phosphorus together in potency directly influences the assimilation of these minerals FROM THE FOOD BEING EATEN. So it would seem that we have a practical means of improving assimilation of all manner of nutritional components through this process of potentisation.

Dr. J. B. Chapman revised Dr. Scheussler’s work in his book “Dr. Scheussler’s Biochemistry” published by New Era Laboratories Ltd of England. This book considers the functions of mineral salts at the cellular level and establishes that the inorganic salts are of extreme importance in the life processes. Nutrition at cellular level consists, in part, of supplying good quality nutrients in a form ABLE TO BE ABSORBED (unlike many synthetic mineral supplements) through the cell wall membrane.

Through noting in fine detail the symptoms evident in a person, the nutritional status can be restored through the skilled use of cell salts. Attention to a simple, nutritious diet coupled with the use of potentiated minerals was the basis of all Dr. Scheussler’s work.

Clearly, testing any of the cell salts shows only trace quantities too small to be of any material benefit. But something really significant is happening. The consistent improvement in thousands of patients over a century is the longest clinical trial ever held to demonstrate that potentised minerals beneficially influence mineral assimilation.

This is why i use cell salts or some call them tissue salts, as it is really about the minerals/salts IN THE TISSUES/CELLS.

I also cover the magic minerals in my e-course for both men and women.

To Health!


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