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Is it like homeopathic probiotics?

Updated: Mar 4, 2023

Hi there,

I wanted to share a few quick cases using what are known as bowel nosodes in homeopathy and as one client asked who is a nutritionist ‘are they like homeopathic probiotics?’ , I would go as far as saying ‘well yes, why not?’ because these remedies are made from bacteria that were isolated from the intestines of individuals. This was done well before probiotics came about. I think these amazing bowel nosodes are key for healing the gut, balancing the mind as well as helping with detoxification. a very very short history….

Dr Edward Bach, a medical officer and a bacteriologist at UCL, London, was working on intestinal germs that belonged to the class of non-lactose fermenting, Gram negative bacteria. He discovered that these intestinal germs had a close connection with chronic disease AND it’s cure. Cutting a long story short Dr Bach moved to join the London Homeopathic Hospital in 1919 after resigning from his position at UCL. It was here he was struck by the similarities between his vaccine therapy and homeopathic treatment, he studied the link between the two. In 1920 he told the British Homeopathic Society that ‘a case that had been successfully treated by vaccines would clinically be impossible to distinguish from a case treated with remedies’.

In 1925 after 9 years of experience Dr Bach along with Dr Wheeler and T.M. Dishington showed that using homeopathic remedies made from these non-lactose fermenting bacteria proved to be as successful as using the vaccines made from these organisms which were given by injection. This work was further developed by Dr John Paterson (1890-1955) who had worked with Dr Bach. For the next 30 years Dr John Patterson and his wife studied more deeply the characteristics of the bowel flora, ESPECIALLY THEIR BEHAVIOUR in health, in disease and their outcome as remedies. Having examined over 20, 000 stool specimens Patterson further developed the bowel nosodes.

The bowel nosodes are in basic terms remedies made from gut bacteria, kind of like the probiotics but these bowel nosodes are made from the ‘pathogenic’ bacteria. When they are prescribed/recommended to an individual, the whole picture of the individual is taken into consideration, in other words, their mental, emotional and physical symptoms are matched to the ‘bacteria’. So far there are 11 of these bowel nosodes and they are absolutely amazing. Let me share a few examples;

  1. Case of a 2-year-old boy who was suffering from re-occurring worms. He had been treated the year before with traditional worm medicine as well as some herbs. The mother of the boy had also tried various homoeopathic remedies from advice online in various FB groups. However, she finally booked an appointment to bring her son to see me as he kept getting worms about every 2-3 months. After taking his case, I gave the bowel nosode called Gaertner Bach. 200c. The mother reported that within 24 hours her son had a mass of worms exit his gut through his bowel movement. No itching, no coughing and she commented his skin even cleared up as he had ‘acne rosacea’ type symptoms on his cheeks.

  2. Case of a 32-year-old female client who was suffering from chronic migraines as well as bouts of ‘rage’ which all came on after the birth of her son. During the pregnancy, she had taken antibiotics for thrush and later post birth for mastitis. She came to see me 2 years after the birth of her baby, she was hoping it was hormones and everything would settle itself. However, her symptoms had gotten worse, emotionally she was becoming more fearful as well as angrier. She was on medication for the migraines and also using an antifungal cream for her re-occurring thrush. A dose of a bowel nosode called Proteus at 30c  for 21 days, and then 200c,  not only cleared the migraines but also the thrush. She commented that she is no longer waking in the night fearing the dark.

  3. Case of a 53 year old male with recurrent urinary tract infections. He also suffered from bloating with quite severe pains of ‘trapped’ wind as well as constipation. He was diagnosed with gallstones a week before he came to see me. All his symptoms matched the nosode Morgan Pure. He was very anxious about what foods to eat and what not to eat as he felt at a loss with what triggered his excruciating abdominal bloating and pain. Following 2 months of Morgan Pure 30c and then 200c, the digestive symptoms improved dramatically, interestingly his liver enzyme readings all came back down to normal which may well be indicative of his gallstones dissolving.

I find working with these bowel nosodes such a joy as it makes so much sense to match a ‘bacteria’ to the whole person, than just trying to ‘heal the gut’ using numerous supplements that may not be suitable or being assimilated. The beauty is that these remedies do not rely on gut health for assimilation and they also TRIGGER the body to heal so that one does not have to keep taking these remedies.

I think these amazing bowel nosodes are key for healing the gut, balancing the mind as well as helping with detoxification.

To Health!


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