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I survived COVID

I have decided to share this blog because the FEARDEMIC is exhausting and sickening. I will also be turning this into a blog on my website in case it disappears or is tagged as ‘false information’.

I am promoting LOVE and natural medicine. I am promoting the fact that we all have an immune system, I am promoting the fact that numbers of this virus have gone up because testing is happening when there was no testing back in March. I am promoting love over fear, and I am promoting wellbeing. This may all sound a bit ‘woo woo’ as we have gotten so used to hearing the opposite and anything that is uplifting and encouraging and inspiring is seen as the ‘abnormal’.

I am also posting as I am angry, absolutely angry at the lies that are being spread by mainstream media. The news is full of fear. What about ALL the people that have recovered? Why not share the good news too? Why not give people hope? Hope is medicine in itself. I am not referring to false hope but HOPE. I have clients who have recovered, I know of family members who have recovered, I know of community members who have recovered. Where is this in the news?

This mainstream media has some of my relatives not telling others they had tested positive for fear of being OSTRACISED! They have their TVs on ALL DAY long, it is hypnotizing, brainwashing fear. I spent a few hours in front of a TV screen (at someone else’s place) watching this numbing, nauseating ‘news’. I had to leave.

Where is the good news?

My dear friend lost her partner, not to the virus but because he was put on a ventilator, he was maltreated. He had the exact same symptoms as I had and was put on a ventilator and he tested negative twice in that week (in April). He had the exact same symptoms as I had.

I have had to encourage a client to go into A&E and it turned out he was having a heart attack. He was hesitant to go for fear of the virus. We are not saving the NHS by staying home and you are not saving yourself by staying home from not having treatment for your non-virus illness.

I have had to encourage another client to go to A&E (she was too scared to go because of the ‘virus’) because her migraines were not shifting to find out she actually has a benign tumor. More people are dying from other dis-eases.

I am PROMOTING health and well-being.

My son said, ‘mum how come you got ill but not us, and you are the naturopath who eats the most clean?’ Out of the mouth of babes. I personally have had a tough few months, ‘my nervous system’ has been on alert and I have had to make some decisions that I never expected to make, so I knew that I was ‘vulnerable’ but not in the vulnerable sense that mainstream media portrays. I am not overweight, I am not on any medication, I do not have type 2 diabetes, I am not immunocompromised, but what I know is that I was in a state of ‘fight-flight’ leading up to this ‘episode’. When you are in ‘fight-flight’ the body is too busy trying to ‘keep you safe’ from the ‘wild beast in the jungle’…not the little particle that may have taken up some residence in your physiological fluid.

I am living my life as is, I am not fear riddled, I am not staying home. It was actually after a weekend of teaching in London…the next day I woke up with aching bones, I felt weak and cold in parts. I thought nothing of it as this is the time of the year I tend to get my bi-annual flu. BUT when I get the flu I get ‘achy teeth’ first (sounds weird right?) But when that happens, I know that within the next few hours I will be in bed with fever and flu symptoms and in 48hours I will be as right as rain. I get this ‘familiar flu’ twice a year. It is my detox, the fever burns that bi-annual ‘**ap’ and ready for the new season.

So this time, no achy teeth, just wrists aching, hips achings, knees aching. I was feeling slightly cold. As the day progressed I got more achy, and within a few hours I had full-on fever and the shivering cold sweats to go with it. The worse was the headache from HELL. I could not even move my eyeballs for the headache was just excruciating. I used to get migraines so I am familiar with migraines vs. ‘inflammatory headache’. The headache along with the fever as well as the bone-crushing flu pain was quite a combination.

I was taking by this time two homeopathic remedies…BRYONIA and EUPATORIUM PERFOLIATUM. I started with 30c but it was not touching anything, my bones felt like a truck had driven over my body and I wanted to remove my head and take my eyes out.

When I usually get the flu, the homeopathic remedies that work their magic FOR ME are MERC SOL, GELSENIUM and EUPATORIUM PERFOLIATUM.

I was nauseous from the pain of the headache and ANY movement, even moving my eyeballs made my eyes water. Walking up the stairs had me breathless, NOT WHEEZY, just out of breath.

I then decided to take 10M (much higher potency) of both homeopathic remedies BRYONIA and EUPATORIUM PERFOLIATUM and made my tissue salts up for energy.

WITHIN 24 hours my fever had ‘broken’ the headache went within 20 minutes of taking the 10M Bryonia and the aching subsided. I was feeling just a little wiped out but had an appetite.

That was 3 days of my immune system and the compadre systems carrying out their life saving ‘duty’ even if that entailed some uncomfortable and painful symptoms. It was all over.

What was worse? The GRIEF, the ’emotional’ triggers of my friend’s grief as her partner had experienced the exact same headaches and breathlessness before he was put on a ventilator. And he passed away due to the ventilator resulting in organ failure. This is pain that does not just go away with remedies. This is the REAL fear. Death by neglect, death by rushing through ‘treatments’ that are not proven safe.

I am now taking the POWER MIX cell salts to give myself a little boost..this power mix is a combination of the following cell salts – Ferrum Phos – Nat Mur – Calc Phos – Nat Phos – Kali Phos

The ‘phos’ cells salts are known as the ‘builders’ and the Nat Mur is ‘salt’ (sodium chloride in cell salt form) which in such times we can sweat out and usurpe through the ‘immune system’ workout

My 3 boys have all been asymptomatic…I did the ‘test’ post symptoms (but no loss/change of smell or taste) in order to know if we were all to isolate and yes the test to my surprise came back positive and we have done our isolation. We are responsible but we are not fearful.

I took nothing else apart from homeopathy during the acute phase of this ‘illness’ and will continue with the cell salts as well as the goodness of mother nature such as nature, nutritious food, plenty of ‘parasympathetic’ state of mind as much as possible (which means TV off, no MSM).

If you are fearful, be encouraged, find help in homeopathy. You will not hear about this medicine in mainstream media as homeopathy does not create life long customers. It is a medicine that works with YOUR vital force. It is safe for children, adults, during pregnancy, the elderly.

We have several wonderful amazing people who are homeopaths giving their hearts and valuable time during this time.

PLEASE note there are plenty of other remedies that have helped my clients with this virus so do reach out for help if needed. Consider investing in a homeopathic kit…I have had mine for 18 years and you can just top up the remedies.

To health

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