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I Love The NHS

Hi there,

Today I want to share my experience of the amazing NHS (National Health System). I LOVE THE NHS.  It has been quite a day and actually, you know that saying ‘things come in 3s’ well this has been a day of those 3s, so I decided to hibernate at home in case another one crept up on me to make it a 4!

Today, I was called by my son’s school notifying me that he had crushed his foot in the school electronic gates as they were opening and that he was in serious distress and they suggested I pick him up and take him to A&E ASAP.  I spoke with him on the phone and he could hardly get his words out and it was the longest 5-minute journey to school. On arrival, he is pale and in pain but plays it down in front of all 3 of his teachers and I give some homeopathic arnica and aconite. His rugby teacher carries him to the taxi and as soon as he is in the taxi he has tears streaming down his face. His pain is 11/10 and he says ‘I want an anesthetic for the pain’ (a boy who has broken an arm knows the magic of an anesthetic).  I give him another dose of arnica and aconite on the way to A&E, only a 5-minute drive away.

I get there, and the wonderful taxi driver carries him to the wheelchair and I take him to reception and I ALWAYS introduce myself as Dr. Mark (and you will see why as you read on). Within 5 minutes we are seen by the nurse who weighs him and then proceeds to ask the standard questions about allergies? Vaccinations up to date? Do you have a social worker? Any medications? …I then get the stern look and an ‘education’ on vaccinations, but why would a tetanus be recommended, there was no puncture, no rolling around in manure, no need for a tetanus jab, (by now the pain was 9/10) and I still love the NHS and I saved the NHS some money with my tetanus knowledge, even though I was informed otherwise by the nurse. I have friends in the USA who will be paying their medical bills for the rest of their lives, and I could not imagine life without the NHS, I love the NHS. The NHS saved me when I had tuberculosis as a baby, I love the NHS as they saved my dad when he had tuberculosis, I love the NHS as it helped with the births of my boys that went totally haywire…need I go on?

We are told it will be between 3-4 hours wait before we see a doctor, I love the NHS. We wait and I reach out to my wonderful homeopathic community online in the waiting room as I am feeling out of sorts (I could not focus on what remedies to give my son). Hospitals do not hold good memories for me (I get these flashbacks of being in hospital as a toddler and ONLY a few months ago I discovered I was in hospital for 4 months as a toddler and some days went by when I did not get any visitors, it all fell into place about the flashbacks and my anxiety was not as high as it was prior to this knowledge but it was there). I took aconite for myself to just calm my mind and find my feet on the ground. My son, is in less pain (8/10), I then switched to giving him hypericum and bryonia (homeopathically) and I repeat this over the next 2 hours but within 15 minutes his colour is back in his face, he is chatting and his pain is 2/10. We get seen by the doctor, who is pushed for time but checks him thoroughly (I love the NHS). She asks my son what painkillers have you had? His reply ‘none’. She looks at me and asks  ‘no painkillers?’ I said well just inflammatory mediator balancing ones but yes no painkillers. She asked ‘and what are those Dr. Mark?’ With her pen at the ready, I took out the kit and gave her the hypericum and bryonia. She asked if they ‘actually work’ and was not impressed. She did tell my son that a rather large bruise will surface later on, as he has had some severe internal soft tissue trauma and that he may need some strong painkillers. She said it will probably take no more than 4 days to recover but to use the crutches and not put too much weight on his injured foot. She suggested an x-ray if we wanted one, but since he was showing no sign of a fracture coupled with the fact that he was not really in much pain as he did not have any painkillers (HE DID HAVE HOMEOPATHY WHICH DOES HELP WITH PAIN, BUT homeopathy does not KILL THE PAIN but works with the body to heal the injury hence relieving the NEED for pain) but for some reason the NHS does not like homeopathy), we declined the x-ray, for two reasons my son chose to wait to see for a few days as he felt so much better and to help support the NHS. I also asked the doctor ‘where do we return the crutches once finished?’, her response, ‘oh that is so thoughtful, you can drop them off at reception’ and this is because I LOVE THE NHS! ..and want to save the NHS money and time. HOMEOPATHY SAVES THE NHS MONEY AND TIME.  We left the hospital with my son on crutches with pain about 2/10. By 7pm (injury was at about 11am) my son was dancing and one would not know he even had this very incident, pain one out of ten, no bruising so far AND bruising not expected as the homeopathy heals from within, not just from the outside. By using homeopathy my son and I saved the NHS money. I LOVE THE NHS.


Whilst we were waiting In the waiting room (3 hours in total) a few mothers asked me what I was doing when I was giving my son the homeopathic remedies from my 42 remedy kit. In that time, I prescribed for two toddlers, on the request of their mothers, One toddler’s, thick rattly cough with bubbly chesty noises all cleared within the 3 hours (the homeopathic remedy used was antimonium tartaricum) the other lady’s child had the awful dry hacking cough, that makes the eyes water. She was told to go to A&E as he had it for 4 weeks and there was no change but not any worse either but his appetite had gone down. I gave him a remedy called drosera and there was enough time for the mother to see the change in his cough. In that 3 hour period, his dry cough had literally become a more productive wet cough BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY, her son was now playing happily in the toy area, previous to the remedy he was on his mother’s lap coughing and lethargic. I love the NHS but the NHS does not love homeopathy.

If you want to know about the 42 remedy kit, drop me an email HERE, you will not only save the NHS money but, SAVE YOUR HEALTH, and empower yourself as a mother, a father, an individual. I love the NHS and one day the NHS will love homeopathy.

To health and the NHS!

Khush Mark

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