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I Am Not A Stalker

Hi there,

As a practitioner of homeopathy AND nutrition I more often get clients who are very much into the Western medicine philosophy of health. By this I mean that the ‘disease rules’. For example, someone comes in with irritable bowel syndrome and they will ask what nutrients are beneficial or what DIEt is good for IBS?

So a typical session may start with lots of chat about the disease and possible links to various biochemical pathways or nutrient deficiencies and so forth.

I eventually move onto asking more about the individual such as ….

– what they like to do?

– what makes them angry?

– do they have siblings?

– how does the disease make them feel?

– if they did not have the disease how would life be different? – what season do they prefer?

– what do they dream about? – what foods do they crave or dislike?

This is because it is not about ‘treating’ the condition aka IBS in this case but ‘treating’ the individual whose body has decided to manifest the imbalances within and without in the form of IBS.

It can be frustrating for the client as some feel a bit ‘annoyed’ as they would have preferred more focus on the disease but this does not lead to healing, it generally leads to ‘disease management’. It is actually so much easier to use the ‘disease-focused’ approach as one just has to follow a ‘one size fits all protocol for IBS’ ( in this example). That may include some gut healing supplements, some anti-inflammatories in the form of ginger or turmeric and so forth. A few capsules of magnesium, a soak in an Epsom bath and some aloe vera or slippery elm. But he/she may react to these ‘protocols’.

BUT HOW ABOUT THE INDIVIDUAL? The energy of the person sitting before me?

So if you ever book to see me please rest assured I am not ‘Ms. Nosey Parker’ whoever that is but my passion and goal is to understand you, more so than the disease.

Feel free to browse my website, including my blogs, as you may just find out more about health from a naturopathic perspective. If you want to book a session then contact me HERE 

To individualized medicine,


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