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How did Thalidomide end up in pregnant women?

We have a long weekend here ‘good Friday’ followed by a ‘Monday holiday’. A weekend when most go and visit family and connect, eat chocolate eggs, have a ‘natter’ with a Sunday lunch.

It may be a time to reflect as no one in this country is getting to escape to go across the waters. It can feel like there is no end to this. I receive messages saying ‘ I am having the product so I can travel, I am having the product so I can avoid long Covid’ and some more. ‘Can you suggest a ‘protocol’ for before and after having the product?’ Some of these messages are from journalists who have no real-world news to share but to troll practitioners of natural medicine, go and ‘save the world from the pandemic’ stop trolling those doing their work.

I do not recommend a protocol before and after the ‘product’. What is this protocol to do? Completely avoid the side effects of an injected product? Completely clear the body of the ingredients or the impact of the ingredients? There is no such ‘magic wand’.

If only there was such a ‘protocol’. The choice is ours to make and then to ‘take responsibility for our choices EITHER way. Think about a microbe in this case a virus…how does it enter the body?

Through air, through close contact with someone who has it. It does not BYPASS our innate immunity. Our innate immunity is a ‘ROCK STAR’ of a system. So bypassing the innate immune system just ‘beggars belief’. The product bypasses this ROCK STAR of a system. Then there is the adaptive immune system that is ‘ALERTED’ by the product…a rude wake-up call.

Bypassing this innate immune system is like barging into a teenager’s bedroom whilst he/she is fast asleep slapping their face to wake up. How do you think they would react? There is shock and trauma possibly? …Knocking on their door, giving them a call, using a kind tone all helps this teenager to wake up without the trauma, be prepared. If you missed my blogs on the immune system you may want to pop over and have a read HERE 

There is a myth believed by many that the unwanted ingredients just get ‘pooped or urinated out’.

In the textbooks of immunology, toxicology, pathology, molecular biology we know there is a toxic level we also know that these chemicals can mess with our biochemistry. Just think of certain toxic metals replacing natural minerals. We cannot function well without these minerals. This is in the textbooks this is not ‘mickey mouse’ university information. What about RNA? What exactly does RNA do in our body? What about foreign RNA injected into our body. Have a look in any of the medical textbooks about the role of the various types of RNA…Is there a possibility this foreign RNA material can somehow integrate into our own genetic ‘code’ and produce something else than a specific virus protein? How do we know if the clinical trials have not yet been completed? I have this big fat book called ‘the molecular biology of the cell’, I have had it for nearly over 25 years …and even the new editions would question the above.

Look at these crazy clever viruses like EBV (Epstein B virus known to cause glandular fever or as the USA folk call it mononucleosis ), the chickenpox virus, CMV (cytomegalovirus), coxsackie virus, they still ‘hang out’ in our bodies and decide to produce symptoms of fatigue or hypothyroidism or nerve pain but no one questions them. They live within us. Some of us can “get over these pretty quickly’ others can be ill for weeks, others for years Why?

When we inject chemicals into our body to trigger a reaction be it ‘chemical high’ or an immune reaction for ‘protection’ those chemicals go somewhere…where do they go?

Do the liver, kidneys, macrophages, lymph nodes, bone marrow, thymus and the other wonderful ‘parts’ of our body just ‘call to action’ to do their job?

What if the nervous system is stressed because of fear? What if the liver has fat around it and unable to.process all that has been introduced into the body in one ‘shot’? What if the kidneys are already ‘exhausted’ with filtering everyday junk such as sugar, pesticides, metals?

Why is it one person can be bitten by a tic and ‘contract’ Lyme”s disease and be bedridden and another can be bitten by three tics and be playing soccer the next week?

How is it that one person can take a medication and live a ‘normal’ life whilst another gets pounding headaches from the same medication?

Why do drugs have to go through strict clinical trials before they are in ‘patient’s bodies’?

Why if clinical trials are the ‘gold standard’ of drug testing Vioxx got through?

How did Thalidomide get into pregnant women if these clinical trials are so rigorous and safe?

Why is it that companies that make chemicals that are harming our environment, as well as our bodies continue to make huge profits?

And how is it that a product in this century being injected into humans has not even gone through the ‘rigorous’ clinical trials that allowed the ‘likes of thalidomide and Vioxx’ to end up as prescription medications? How?

Why not put fear aside and dare to ask these questions? Then make an informed decision whatever that decision is.

I am putting together a newsletter on how to boost your immunity and support YOUR BODY’S ABILITY to ‘reduce’ the impact of ‘injected ingredients’ into your body. There is no miracle protocol but you can support what you can and take responsibility because no one else is taking responsibility for this human clinical trial.

A weekend of reflection.

To health!

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