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Homeopathy Does Not Work

Hi there,

It’s homeopathy awareness week….so what is it or what is it not?

Homeopathy is for

  1. Tree-huggers

  2. Hippies

  3. The middle class

  4. Unscientific folk

  5. Planet-saving vegans

There is no proof that homeopathy works if it did then there would be plenty of randomised double-blind placebo tests proving it to work.

The gold standard tests that we use in clinical trials to prove and test the safety of a medical drug is the randomised double blind placebo test. Neither doctor nor patient knows whether they are prescribing or taking the actual drug or a placebo, respectively. The data is then collected and analysed before any drug is given to the public.

So you are ‘safe’ when it comes to medications, however, homeopathy is just given ‘here and there’ with no rigorous testing.

With traditional medicine, it is more of a ‘one size’ fits all approach for each dis-ease type…for example……

  1. have arthritis take an anti-inflammatory and block the inflammatory chemicals from being made OR from binding to the receptors

  2. have asthma take an inhaler and open those airways

  3. have high blood pressure take a calcium channel blocker which reduces the work of the heart muscle cells..YES, I did say reduce the work of the heart muscle cell

  4. Antibiotics for teenage acne

Traditional Western medicine is no doubt absolutely great at symptom management and/or dis-ease management…it is not curing dis-ease.

As soon as you come of these meds, the symptoms bounce back. So what is this medicine that has been through all the rigorous scientific tests and scrutiny before it is put into the form of a pill or inhaler or ointment or patch?

Most of the time, these medicines either block, mimic or antagonize natural ‘chemicals’ that occur in the body. As I mentioned above…

  1. anti-inflammatories block the action of pain chemicals

  2. inhalers that dilate the bronchioles, for example, may do this by mimicking our own catecholamines like adrenaline and noradrenaline

  3. Blood pressure medication such as calcium channel blockers basically block calcium from entering the heart cells

It’s pretty amazing for science to be able to manage disease so well by ‘fiddling’ with our biology. Expensive too though.

It is important to know that all of the above medicines have side effects too.

Why? Because, these medicines need to be cleared out of the body, in other words, put into disposal bags for the garbage men/women to collect. These garbage collecting men/women are our detox organs.

EVERY medication has a side effect…BECAUSE EVERY MEDICINE HAS TO BE ‘DETOXIFIED’. Making detox organs work more than they should IS a side effect.

Just because you do not experience a ‘side-effect’ that is listed on your ‘medication insert’, does not mean that you are not experiencing any. That new symptom that started when you started that new med, is a side effect (even though it is not on the insert).

Western medicine is fantastic for  ‘A&E’/ER scenarios, if anything it is pretty miraculous….but for chronic conditions? Not so great. Traditional Western medicine is also responsible for MRSA due to antibiotic over-use, suicides due to anti-depressants and anxiolyitic meds, death due to iatrogenic effects, dis-empowerment and debt.

So what is this ‘tree-hugging’ homeopathy? It is…..

  1. Science

  2. Nanomedicine/ultra-diluted medicine

  3. Free from side effects

  4. About the physical, mental-emotional and spiritual health

  5. Focused on HEALing and not ‘symptom control’ or dis-ease management. Homeopathy CAN be used for symptom control and dis-ease management IF needed but why not focus on HEALing ?

So what is it then, why not just prove it and do these randomised double-blind placebo control studies? …..Part 2 tomorrow….

To health!


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