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Hey Mamma!

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

Hi Mamma,

I am loving it in here, it is so cosy, warm and thanks for feeding me.

Firstly, I wanted to just let you know that you bloat because you eat too fast, can you just slow down and chew your food and that acid reflux is only temporary and it will clear once I visit you the other side. But you can try awesome homeopathy and add in some of the digestive aids such as fennel and cumin seeds as well as just slowing down.

I think it is amazing that we can both live together without your immune system rejecting me physically, I mean let’s face it my MHC is not the same as yours. It is fascinating how this happens.

Can I also ask if you can just switch over from using those chemical-laden products to more green ones, you know the ones without the SLS, without the xenoestrogens and please DO NOT build that nursery room for me. It has MDF (medium-density fibreboard) that has formaldehyde in it and the toxic chemicals in those paints like the various hydrocarbons, they are too much for my body.

You may not know but my detox organs are not developed yet and will take at least another year after birth to develop, so please be mindful as some adults forget that although we are resilient we are only as resilient as long as we are not overburdened

I would love a good healthy start to life. And I know you are prone to thrush, but can you try asking your pharmacy for a natural alternative? As that Canesten you are using is just making me feel a bit ‘woozy’. I know this suppression can trigger eczema in me, as you know Dad and his family have a history of asthma and eczema. You know that saying by some wise practitioners, it is not about our genes but what we bathe our cells in.

Now I want to just say, although (thankfully it has passed), that morning sickness is your liver just having to work overtime. I am not sure if you are planning on anymore after me, but you can do some gentle liver and gall bladder detoxes before your next pregnancy, no pressure but it may just make you feel so much better.

As we are coming into the third trimester, I just want to say, if you can slow down and even finish for maternity leave early that would not only help you but help me keep my adrenals in good robust shape. You see in the third trimester if you keep pushing yourself, I will have to support you. My adrenals take over looking after you. Although I do not mind doing this, I prefer not to. I want you and me to thrive not survive. My adrenals are important when it comes to preventing eczema, asthma, colic, and general immunity. That cortisol is like MAGIC. So if you can, just chill out a bit from now on that would be most wonderful.

Also mamma, your immune system is now slightly more skewed so you do not reject me, as it is skewed to support my development and growth just do keep in mind that toxins can create an imbalance in my developing immunity. I will train up my own immunity once I am out there with you. I just need time, so I prefer it if you do not force me to develop my immunity before all my other systems are ready.

Do you remember when you crammed in for those accountancy exams and afterward you got pneumonia? This is kinda what is going on here, no cramming of my immune system, please 

I do not want my immune system rushed, when I come out I will gladly play on the floor, and put all sorts of things in my mouth to develop not only my senses but my immunity. It is called ‘priming’. Putting things in my mouth (with caution, as those lego pieces aren’t fun) just allows those thymus cells to grow up and grow a pair. It will allow me to exercise that innate wisdom.

You see, once I am out to your side, my immune system is more biased towards TH2 but I have to develop my TH1 immunity otherwise I will not thrive. I do not want to survive but thrive when I meet you. Could you do that? Could you allow my immune cells to develop according to my body’s innate wisdom? So do not bleach the floors, put in new carpet that releases VOC (volatile organic compounds), I know you want a new floor and a new room for me, I prefer a room that is ‘safe’ for me than one that looks the part but does not provide me the parts.

By the way, as I develop and grow in the first year try and steer away from the fat-free foods. If you could see just how much fat I will be laying down in my brain you will just fall in love with fat. That milk that you are producing it is full of nutrients that will allow me to get the goodness including fat that I require.

I also prefer to have real food, not the mashed up stuff or the pre-made stuff.. I would love the best start possible in life. After all mamma, we get teeth to bite off food and chew right? So why do that pureed stuff? Oh mentioning teeth, no fluoride please, as my thyroid is also developing and the thyroid helps me also grow physically and regulate all sorts of processes. I know once I am out I won’t have this cuddly warm hub to keep me warm and protected. I have to learn this for myself with your help. So this fluoride thing it competes with the iodine and this iodine is VITAL for all my bodily functions, so do look into the fluoride-free pastes. We kids love swallowing that stuff when I know we should not.

Can you also watch out for aluminum, I hear it is an adjuvant in those substances that they inject into babies. As you know my immune system shifts from TH2 to TH1 over the first year of my life, adding in aluminum or toxins be they injected or put onto the skin or swallowed (actually swallowed is better as the gut and the immune system in the gut will do the ‘heavy lifting’) can impact my development. Check out professor Exley’s work on aluminum and HERE is a blog you may want to also read so you can support me in my development. It is not an easy read as we have gotten used to conditions such as asthma, eczema, acid reflux, projectile vomiting, type 1 diabetes, seizures being the ‘norm’ but they should not be the norm. Our bodies do not just produce symptoms for no reason. So do keep an eye on my timeline.

It is truly amazing, my immune system is being informed by you as I grow in here. Once I am earthside my thymus will be fully formed and this gland will get to work ASAP on the T and B cells. My body will be able to do this without any ‘force’, so do not rush me when I am out. My body can do this in its own timing.

Also mamma, this last trimester get in plenty of prebiotic foods, because those bugs that have helped you and me so much over the last few months are important for my neurodevelopment as well as helping with that immune balance. I am learning so much inhere from you, there are all these cells, the dendritic cells which basically present any foreign material literally on a plate to the other immune cells to ‘deal with’. There are these T regulator cells that help regulate what cells grow up to which cells. It is quite a spectacular show and this show depends more on my environment when I am earthside than from the genetics you are passing onto me.

I just want to help you to understand my body is beautifully and wonderfully made, just like my various organs and systems have been growing during this time of incubation, my body has that same wisdom. A big part of you just needs to trust, educate, and empower yourself too.

Do remember, that our immune system is not about attacking but about ‘tolerating’. Most of these so-called childhood diseases are ‘caught’ through the mucous membranes, nose, mouth, skin, etc. So I really want a good microbiome as much as possible. I will be relying on this microbiome quite heavily as I prepare for my departure from in here. These bugs even play a major role in defining not only the number but the diversity of those T regulatory cells. They are quite the ‘lead performer’ in our immunity. And try not to be anxious or stressed when you go into that sympathetic nervous system mode, I get those hiccup things and I feel a bit on edge too, this can create issues such as acid reflux in me or eczema when I have to breathe for my self out there. This last trimester try and finish work early, do not do that push yourself to get more maternity leave stuff and work until your due date, as that just puts me under pressure to support you. My adrenals start to give out to you in this final trimester.

My adrenals really need to just be focused on me at this time and when I feel your ‘stress’ my adrenals will be giving out to you so that I can survive. But with that comes a baby that may display health issues such as eczema. asthma, bronchiolitis, dermatitis ..all those dreaded conditions require medications that are actually synthetic adrenal hormones. So chill out mamma, get some rest, soak your feet in an Epsom salt foot bath, have some chamomille infusions, watch a comedy, listen to the birds.

If I do present with any symptoms when I am earthside, remember it is not my body going wrong, it is my body communicating that something is slightly out of balance and needs re-addressing or I may just be teething which is quite an intense process too, so I may get a bit grizzly or get a cold as those ‘gnashers’ are worth it. My gut is still permeable in the first few years of life, so what you put on me, in me and where you put me is all pretty important. The same goes for my blood-brain barrier, this barrier is just soooooo under-developed, so watch out for those toxins as they will just shoot through into my brain, seizures are not fun mamma. My brain has so much fat and will be laying down plenty of fat especially the first year of being earthside so I really would love to avoid any toxins impacting my neurodevelopment, my immune system, my overall well being.

BUT no pressure mamma, you have done so well so far, if you get stuck connect with a nutritional therapist or any other practitioner that understands this sort of inter-connected body stuff so that you are not alone and can support you and me naturally. That blood-brain barrier gig is massive and using natural means to ease my symptoms, my whining from teething, my fevers, my ear infections, acid reflux etc will be most welcome 🙏

Mamma you rock, your knit a whole human being! I am so looking forward to meeting you face to face when I am ready.

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