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Getting Gutsy

Wow, to everyone who carried out the stomach acid test, thank you for your feedback. It seems that most people are low in stomach acid.

If you have not tried the test it is well worth it (see previous blog for test details). One can avoid all manner of symptoms from; acid reflux, excessive burping, bloating, poor appetite, stomach upsets, constipation, ‘trapped wind’, relief of stomach pain by drinking cream/milk, relief of symptoms by carbonated drinks. All these symptoms can be an indication of an imbalance in stomach acid.

Following the test if you have too little stomach acid then taking a digestive aid that contains not only HCl betaine but also digestive enzymes would be beneficial. If you find that you have too much stomach acid then it would be helpful to determine if you have any specific food intolerances, too much stress (long term stress can increase stomach acid release), any physical traumas such as a car accident, a fall etc.

When addressing the digestive system as naturopaths we are looking to support the whole person’s constitution not just the low or high stomach acid. Here is a classic case as an example….

Just last year during the hay fever season, I saw an 11 year young energetic boy who loves every sport going. He was concerned that his stomach pains and hay fever were impacting his sport’s performance. He had the common itchy watery eyes, blocked nose that was also streaming too, he also had symptoms of bloating (which was uncomfortable at times), constipation and halitosis (bad breath). I recommended protein in every meal (he was a bit of a carbohydrate junkie), nutrient dense snacks which included nut and seed butters and I ‘prescribed’ a multivitamin, a digestive aid with every meal, some omega oils and a probiotic (good bacteria in powder form) and of course some time out to relax.  Within a week of implementing the above recommendations not only did his digestive symptoms abate, his hay fever cleared up completely.  At the follow up session he commented on how much more energy he had and also managed to shed a few pounds in weight.

This case is a fine example that the body is an amazing dynamic inter-connected being. When addressing health let us not forget this critical information.

To health!


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