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Genes, SNPs, Supplements And Homeobotanicals

Hi Everyone,

I hope this blog finds you well and that you find what you are looking for here today.

So, I have been looking into homeobotanicals for sometime, and the last seminar totally nailed it for me. Why? Because, I am just so fed up with synthetic nutritional supplements, since when did food come in a pill that is not even identical to the nutrient in the real food?

Right now, it is all about this gene and that gene and then more SNPs (Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms) and don’t take this supplement, take that one and then to find out a few months later that information was also incorrect. So if you have a certain SNP taking B12 may just do you more harm than good, if you have methylation issues you may just want to throw out your multivitamin and mineral if it contains folic acid, whilst you are at it, if you are a ‘slow’ monoamine oxidiser type then watch out with your amino acid supplements. It is overwhelming, to say the least.

I understand that this is all about BIOCHEMICAL INDIVIDUALITY. But do you honestly need to live in a bubble to protect yourself from your own ‘genes’ and take a supplement for every SNP and every detox pathway that may have gone a little off track? Well, I believe not and I absolutely believe in biochemical individuality. If you hang around and read some more of my blogs you will get to know more about where I am coming from.

Let me give you an example, you know those beautiful highly energetic children who need to move? Because they have a need for more dopamine? When they get a hand on one of those fidget spinners they are suddenly in their element, they are calmer and more ‘present’…have you ever met one of those vivacious children? Unfortunately, the ones that are labelled with ADHD or some disruptive behaviour syndrome…well they just need to move more, movement gets their dopamine levels up. YES, it can be as simple as that.

You don’t have to become obsessed about the genes, or SNPs or this supplement or that supplement. Just movement, decent nutrition and some wholefood based supplements if extra support is needed and on top, get the organs nourished and vitalised. Mentioning wholefood based supplements and nourishing and vitalising various organs in the body, let me introduce you to the wonderful, dynamic world of HOMEOBOTANICALS.

This is not herbalism alone or homeopathy alone but an EXTRA-ORDINARY combination of BOTH healing disciplines. Combining both disciplines produces a deeper understanding of the full healing potential of THE BODY. We all know the body can heal, just think back to the last time when you grazed yourself or had a paper cut…did your body heal without supplying it a long list of supplements or putting yourself into a bubble of sterile environment?

Homeobotanical remedies have four distinct actions in the body.

They create balance by all four actions in the body.  nourishing the body, supporting the detox organs to drain AND re-energize at the same time, hence supporting the body to eliminate toxins. They are dynamic and synergistic all at the same time.

I will be sharing more on these gems. In the meantime, you can order them HERE and there is an explanation for each one I have blended. I have integrated these into my practice and they are so gentle and nourishing (all to share in another few blogs).

They can be used for all manner of ailments from

  1. emotional imbalances; anxiety, mood swings, fear, insomnia

  2. skin issues; acne, psoriasis, eczema etc – diabetes- fatigue

  3. brain fog, inability to focus

  4. hormonal imbalances; PCOS, acne, migraines, PMS, thyroid

  5. diabetes

  6. detoxification; support as well as draining detox organs

  7. immune issues; eczema, flu, respiratory infections,

  8. gallbladder issue

  9. nutritional deficiencies

How can they have a plethora of actions? Because, they work on different levels within the body, from the systems, to the organs, to your cells and to your very DNA.

The key is to support you in achieving your health goals in a gentle, nourishing, empowering manner without having to resort to a stash of synthetic nutritional supplements or living in fear of various SNPs but to trigger your body’s innate healing wisdom to do the healing with some powerful, natural tools which include homeobotanicals.

To Health!


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