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‘Flying Pigs’

Welcome to the month of July when you will find me totally in the swing of summer! This month I would like you to have a look into the last 6 months. Let’s just stop for a few minutes and really think about what is going on…

So now that you have stopped for a few minutes, let me ask you ‘what happened to the swine flu that was around in the 70’s that seemed to pass us by? What happened to the ‘bird flu’ that also seemed to pass us by? And of course the recent ‘swine flu’ that also passed us by?’….anyone?

Of late the media is now publishing articles entitled…

‘Glaxo profits soar as drug firm charges NHS £6 for swine flu vaccine that costs £1 to make’

‘Unused swine flu vaccine could cost NHS millions’

What happened to the swine flu pandemic?

Am I missing something here?… I know Glaxo managed to make a ‘killing’ on this swine flu hysteria but what about those that were ‘intoxicated’ by the vaccine and suffered side effects? …especially the little ones, some who now have asthma but can not get any ‘recognition or compensation’? …

Did you know that more people have died from the side effects of their medications since the outbreak of the latest swine flu epidemic than those that have died from the entire ‘swine flu’ history to date? Yet the news of such deaths caused by drugs does not seem to get into the local paper let alone world wide news. Anyway, enough meandering and let’s get some positive, empowering news out there.

Firstly always remember that the health of your ‘soil’ in other words your internal well being is important in preventing such ‘flus’ be they pig flu or frog flu for that matter. As I mention in my book ‘Fat Doesn’t Make You Fat’ that Claude Bernard an eminent scientist was known for saying that ‘it’s not the bugs that are responsible for disease susceptibility but the health of the body’. This would explain the reason why the whole of Mexico is not ‘down’ with the swine flu. I am sure that if everyone in the swine flu area of Mexico was tested for the virus they would more than likely show up positive for the swine virus BUT they may show NO SIGNS or SYMPTOMS of the flu. Let me continue before you pull that look of confusion…

…this is because the body’s own HEALTH defence mechanisms would keep the ‘virus’ (in this case H1N1 type) at bay. The immune system (80% of which is in the gut) would think ‘hey this visitor seems harmful, let’s usher him out’ and so the immune system along with other important systems of the body such as the detoxification system, respiration system, lymphatic system help clear these unwanted guests.

If however, one feels under the weather or is being thrown into the depths of despair by the media, then I would recommend boosting your immune system as well as the other systems mentioned above. This can be easily done by taking a good multivitamin and mineral, probiotics, vitamin C and garlic and not to mention some homeopathic support.

Again as I have mentioned in some of my previous Monthly Boosts; the psyche plays an important role in either under-mining your immune system or boosting it. It has been scientifically shown that ‘depressed’ people have lowered immune cells and that the happy molecule (serotonin) can boost the levels of immune cells. So getting ‘fearful/anxious’ about such ‘flu’ will only reduce your immunity.

So in essence, be happy, eat well, add a few nutritional supplements and if you still feel you need a bit more ‘encouragement’ in the healthy direction go and see your naturopath/homeopath for a boost.

Remember, ladies, gentlemen, boys and girls don’t let the media take you on a roller coaster ride but be empowered.

To your great health!


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