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Feeling HOT HOT HOT!

Hi Everyone,

Just a quick blog on staying safe in this wonderful, glorious and totally amazing heat! Firstly, if you are not perspiring in the English heat wave then maybe it is time to get a health check-up. Sweating or ‘perspiring’  is important to keep cool. So anyone using antiperspirants is at a huge disadvantage, not only do they contain chemicals that can mess around with various biochemical processes in the body, these antiperspirants are there to block perspiration!

Sweating/perspiring is crucial for not only cooling down BUT also for detoxing…so get those sweat glands unblocked by throwing away your antiperspirants, switch to something more natural (lost for ideas you can have a nose at some of the ones I use and recommend HERE)

It is a scorcher today, so be sensible and here are a few tips, especially on preventing sunstroke…..and if you do get sunstroke what you can do…BUT try not to get to that point, especially the Celts amongst us.

So primarily, drink plenty of fluids…FLUIDS that replenish you NOT deplete you. So those ‘sugared’ up drinks will just deplete you of vital nutrients…want to know more about these, then order my ebook.

One of my firm favorite drinks is HIBISCUS TEA….I get my dried hibiscus from Neal’s Yard (where I have a therapy room) just take about 2-3 tablespoons of the hibiscus flower and add it to boiled water (about 1L) then cover and leave for about 30 minutes. You can also add a few mint leaves, then put in the fridge to cool and drink whenever you desire, yes it is that simple.

There are so many herbal infusions you can make but it all very much depends on your tastebuds….I also like the standard nourishing nettle infusions BUT in this heat, I do like something a bit more tart.

Also when drinking water …add the following…remember we do not sweat water…WE SWEAT MINERALS with the water…as well as toxins…so replace those minerals…get some real salt into your drinking water such as the Celtic Salt. I personally prefer CELTIC SALT as it has a little more magnesium than the Himalayan. Again how much salt you add depends on your individual needs…BUT do not avoid REAL salt (more in my new EBOOK on this).

I am also a firm believer in what are known as cell salts, there are basically minerals that are potentized (using the homeopathic principle of succussion), which in VERY BASIC terms means your body does not rely on the digestive system to absorbs these ‘minerals’. These are available in various potencies (strength) 3x,  6x, 9x, 12x etc but you can take 3x, 6x or 9x …it can vary depending on country to country …BUT 30c is not a cell salt potency as it is TOO DILUTE, just keep that in mind.

So the two that I recommend are 1. Ferrum Phosphate (iron phosphate):  this is great for that rush of blood to the head, throbbing headache etc. The phos part is also great for energy and the iron helps with circulation. My younger one does not leave home without it on hot days as he is one of those constitutions that gets exhausted in the heat unless he has this in his water. 2. Natrum Muriaticum (sodium chloride): this is NOT table salt but this cell salt is helpful in REGULATING moisture in the cells…helps with the swelling, such as the ankles swelling. Great for prevention of headaches due to dehydration.

You can either take them directly, just dissolve the pellet in the mouth or add them to your water…and sip through the day. Drinking GATORADE and such like, just add in more toxins into the body and DO NOT help the body REGULATE itself.

Drinking alcohol is a key ingredient to it is dehydrating and there is nothing as far as nutrients going into the body. Bad news for the BRITS 🙁 .   Still want to imbibe and avoid sunstroke…then try and follow the above advice alongside some imbibing 😉

Being exposed to too much hot weather can be a shock to the body HEAT EXHAUSTION OR SUNSTROKE is generally due to a loss of WATER AND SALT from the body…so to avoid this follow the advice above..PREVENTION is way better than cure.

If you get to this exhaustion stage then you can look into the homeopathic remedies below…I am putting them in order of how commonly they occur from my OWN clinical experience…and believe you me this summer I have had calls for symptoms from overexposure to the sun….and some of us think we are hydrated as we are consuming ‘sugared’ fluids like coca cola, pepsi, fruit juices from concentrate etc

You would more than likely be on the way to A&E if you experience heatstroke, BUT here are some remedies that help with heatstroke…AND I have had clients take the remedies below and do well without any A&E intervention, by the time they have gotten to A&E their symptoms have abated…BUT always it is better to be safe than sorry.

When taking the below you will need 30c and take one every 5-10 minutes …as soon as symptoms shift you either change the remedy if there are different symptoms OR stop the remedy as soon as symptoms clear. MAXIMUM 6 pills of a remedy.

Glonoine: Throbbing head, pale face (sometimes even yellowish), eyes fixed and no expression. Body is cold but head hot. This is similar to belladonna below BUT if you need glonoine then you are WORSE for bending the head back whereas if you need belladonna you are better for bending head backwards and pupils are not dilated. Tend to be confused and irritable.

Belladonna: Hot head, cold body, DILATED  pupils, throbbing in head, flushed face, dry mouth but no thirst, can become delirious and have hallucinations.

Bryonia: headache and can have nausea. Thirsty.  All is worse for any movement. For example, headache is worse for any form of movement. They are also Irritable.

Veratrum Album: If you require this then there will be an extreme weakness, dizziness, maybe fainting, cold hands, feet and face. Pale face and nausea.

Aconite: feel like they are going to die, they are ANXIOUS AND RESTLESS but also they tend to be hot all over not just the head and face like the two above.

Curpum metallicum: This remedy is similar in symptoms to Veratrum Album but there will be twitching and jerking especially CRAMPING.

So again it is better to prevent than try and cure…but I hope this helps you to enjoy the summer sunshine without any drama.

To health and vitality!


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