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Fancy A Change In Perception?

Hi there,

We are all very familiar nowadays with the good and bad bacteria that live within us. We would not be alive if we did not have these microscopic ‘organs’ within us. Thank goodness for mother nature and all its is trying to catch up with mother nature but mother nature will always be light years ahead.

I find it fascinating that research shows that there is like a dual motorway that runs from our gut to the brain AND from our brain to the gut. So why are we constantly looking/focusing one way? This is what is currently going on…..lots of money being spent on probiotics, prebiotics, fermenting foods, bone broth, healing gut programmes from the outside-in, in other words, a one-way system and totally neglecting the fact it is a two-way system.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with this whatsoever, as the food we nourish our body with physically is very important. But what is baffling is why do we not look at the motorway that is pretty clogged up in the opposite direction? The one travelling from the brain to the gut.

Imagine your journey to your holiday destination, if it was only one way you would ever get back home. So how can we heal, how can we move forward if we are just stuck at this one destination (don’t get me wrong I would love to be stuck on holiday in a hot, tropical dry climate destination and delude myself that I don’t have to go back home).  However, if that anxiety or arthritis is your holiday destination it is not fun at all to be stuck. It also means I am actually ignoring the reality of the fact that I need to get back home (to health).

Now getting back home, may not be an easy road (no pun intended) but it is a road that must be travelled to get back and back to health.

Did you know that ….

  1. Stress which impacts cortisol (our stress hormone) impacts the microbiome by increasing the pathogenic bacteria

  2. Sleep deprivation which is also known to impact the microbiome, allows the overgrowth of the pathogenic bacteria

  3. Vagal tone is key in establishing a healthy microbiome (see later)

See why you may have a so-called ‘leaky gut’? Not because you lack a specific fermented food or probiotic or amino acid or proteins or you did not get the right supplements but because your anxiety is not allowing you to sleep well, your stressful job where the office politics are threatening are playing havoc with your gut microbiome, your childhood school bully is trapped in your cellular memory and you don’t even realise he/she is living in you ‘rent-free’. You are living in ‘fight or flight’ some live in freeze and are totally disconnected from feelings, from ‘reality’ and don’t even realise this but distracted by shopping for the right supplement or the right test.

So when I ask my clients about their hobbies, their interests, their jobs, their loves, I am not being nosey, I have a plan. I have a plan to ensure that all motorway traffic is clear and moving smoothly.

As I mention ‘staying on holiday’ because the motorway back is just way too clogged up emotionally is not going to serve you in the long run. You can spend hundreds on tests and healing gut protocols but why do this?

Does it all seem a bit too ‘touchy-feely’, it is not, there is plenty of research to show that science (alas) is catching up with ‘touchy-feely’ ….research shows that

  1. When mice are taken away from their mother, their gut flora is altered

  2. Treatments that stimulate the vagus nerve activity (a nerve that is a major part of the parasympathetic nervous system) reduces inflammation, reduces pain

Both these involve the motorway from the brain to the gut. Our parasympathetic nervous system is healing, it is restoring, it is calming, it is nurturing,  it is the yin to yan of the stressed out sympathetic nervous system.

Living in the sympathetic nervous system mode known as ‘fight or flight’ is the norm in today’s society….our parasympathetic nervous system does not even get a ‘look in’ until you go to sleep and that is if you sleep well.

By the way, looking at your inner world does not mean digging up the past, it means just connecting with your flow. I use homeopathy as my traffic clearance strategy and in more and more cases I am using ‘homeopathic probiotics‘  by matching your symptoms, mental-emotional traits and physical traits to a ‘bacteria’, and this is not ‘touchy-feely’ as science is showing that different microbes in the gut have differing impact on various neurotransmitters, so each bacteria produces a ‘personality’. It works, no trauma, no therapy talk, just plain simple traffic clearance.

So why not have a look at your inner world today and get to your destination called health?

To health!


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