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Dynamic Healing

Hi there,

I hope this blog finds you well and that you enjoy learning about the dynamic nature of the homeobotanicals. Feel free to email me or give me a shout in my FB group or on insta with any questions or comments.

If you have not read the first blog on homeobotanicals then before you read on, it may just be worth reading it here first, as it will help explain a little more.

Today, I want to share about the dynamic nature of the homeobotanicals. So let me start with a story that took place at Dr Murray’s (the founder of homeobotanicals) clinic whilst he was away.

This occurred in the early stages of developing the homeobotanical range. A lady came in for a repeat of her remedy homeobotanical K which she was using for a persistent back pain. The receptionist mistook the lady for a practitioner and gave her the CONCENTRATE of homeobotanical K instead of the prepared, POTENTISED remedy.

On Dr. Murray’s  return, the patient came in complaining that the latest prescription was not working. As soon as he saw the bottle of concentrate, it was obvious what had happened. The woman had been taking what was nothing more than a blend of herbal tinctures. There had been no therapeutic response because the remedy had not been potentised!  When she was given the Homeobotanical K diluted five times and potentised by succussion, her back pain eased overnight and her healing progress was restored.

This extraordinary experience illustrates that standard herbal tinctures failed to have a therapeutic effect because their action was purely physical and the quantity taken was insufficient to produce a healing response. But POTENTISING the herbal blend created the DYNAMIC healing nature of these homeobotanicals.

The potentising process produces a powerful healing response in the body. The low potency adopted in these homeobotanicals produces a gentle, sustained healing response resulting in remarkably few if any aggravations, unlike standard, concentrates.

In essence, the dynamic nature is in the potentisation as well as the unique blending of the botanicals.

To Health!


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