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Do Your Genes Dictate Your Health?

Hi everyone,

I hope 2018 has started well for you and your loved ones. I usually look forward to spring at this time of the month in January, as winter tends to be a slight challenge for me. I am learning to embrace the cold and the dark but I need to work a little more on that one.

This month there was an ‘alarming’ study published in the well recognized medical journal called ‘The Lancet’. Now this study has come as a big surprise to many traditional doctors and scientists but it is not a surprise to practitioners in the world of natural medicine.

In essence this study shows that the breast cancer genes that were thought to dictate breast cancer survival outcome, actually DO NOT. These genes are the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes. So removing your breasts because you have been tested positive for these genes has no advantage, if anything quite the opposite.

Having spent some intense time doing my PhD in cancer research and looking into cancer genes this comes as no surprise hence my career change after my PhD. The ‘linear’ vision of the human body in western medicine just does not make sense or serve any one UNLESS it’s a matter of A&E.

Just because you may have the gene for a condition X does not dictate you will get condition X. We are all born with genes, nothing new there, however, some genes are not the genes we would like, such as the BRCA cancer genes for breast cancer BUT it is not about the genes.  It is about the environment we bathe these genes in.  This ‘science’ is called epigenetics.

So you could have a gene for breast cancer or colon cancer or rheumatoid arthritis, this does not mean you will actually manifest these diseases.


Well it depends on your lifestyle. Lifestyle factors would include;

  1. Home environment

  2. Work environment

  3. Toxic exposure which includes, medications, recreational drugs, cigarette smoke, pollution, pesticides etc

  4. Emotional trauma

  5. Physical trauma such as a car accident, birth

  6. Infection such as glandular fever, EBV etc

  7. Vaccinations

  8. Nutrition

  9. Movement such as exercise

If you are a woman and have been tested positive for the BRCA1 or BRCA2 gene, removing your breasts does not mean you are free from cancer. You may be free from breast cancer as you no longer have breasts, BUT the body will find another way of communicating the message. So you may develop osteoporosis or ovarian cancer, or bone cancer.

The human body, does not decide to produce a ‘disease’ as it has nothing else to do.  If anything your body has plenty going on just trying to maintain what we call ‘homeostasis’ meaning balance.

If you are eating food devoid of decent nutrition aka junk food, you are basically bathing your cells hence your genes in ‘junk’. Those genes will at some point become a little stressed/unhappy and begin to grab your attention.


By producing symptoms, these symptoms may start with headaches, migraines, lack of energy, constant colds or chest infections and so forth. You may continue eating nutrient devoid foods and start taking medications such as antibiotics, painkillers, flu vaccine etc. However, the genes are not only still being drowned by the junk food but they are now further being drowned by the meds. At some point the genes express their utter distress by ‘disease X’ such as cancer, arthritis, IBS, migraines etc.

This good news is that your health is not controlled by your genes but by how you ‘treat’ them.

So why not start by nourishing your body, your genes with nutrient dense foods, remove some of the ‘junk’ be it emotional or physical and add in love, healthy food, water, exercise? Does that sound like something you can do? Why not start today?

If you have a pre-diagnosed condition, you are not at a loss. You can still halt the progress even reverse the illness that may be impacting your life.

However, remember you can change the environment that you are immersing yourself and your genes in.

To health!

Khush Mark (PhD)

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