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Dis-ease known as Cancer

Dear Readers, Welcome to May…a time of the year when we should be ‘surging’ with the Spring energy…feeling the change in the air and also taking time out to let our bodies catch up on the sunshine vitamin. I am not going to go into the benefits of Vitamin D …but it is being heralded as a ‘super hero’ in the naturopathic world of medicine, from being an anti-depressant through to having anti-cancer properties.  This month, I would like to share some news on cancer but from a holistic perspective.

I have seen more individuals with cancer who are NOT over weight and have not eaten much red meat (and do not get me wrong here, I am not implying red meat is unhealthy), let alone ‘junk foods’ in general. Something is ‘a miss’, …let me introduce you to something known as the ‘cancer personality’…it may sound rather ‘prescriptional’ but it is NOT meant to be, if anything its part of the missing piece that traditional medicine finds very difficult to address, the individual and not just the dis-ease….

Passionate: these individuals burn the candle at both ends, whatever they do they do with great passion and intensity. They have a fascination for the new and different. They can give quite a list of foods that they ‘ABSOLUTELY LOVE’ and this can include spicy food and chocolate. They are ‘doing, doing’ all the time and do not have the tendency to ‘just be’. Their mind is usually over active, thinking about 1001 things without being ‘still’.

Physical complaints: there can be a family history of cancer, moles, diabetes, or tuberculosis. They tend to get child hood illnesses in adult hood, such as adults with mumps, chicken pox, ear infections. They may themselves have had glandular fever or chronic fatigue in their time. They tend to be responsible and pay attention to detail: these individuals have to have ‘control’, they need order, structure, they won’t do anything unless it is done 101%, even if it means that they suffer for it physically. This is the person you can rely on to run your business better than you.

They take on a lot of responsibility from early childhood, this can be the older child who had to be a better example to his/her younger siblings. Most of these children tend to be well behaved and in clinic when asked a question they look at their peers for approval as they answer the question. They are always looking out for others and do not know how to say ‘NO’ to the detriment of their own health and this creates further ‘mental busy-ness’.

Perfectionists: These adults are grateful for word processors, otherwise nothing would ever be perfect enough and many a sheets of paper would be ‘binned’ again and again until the work is absolutely perfect. These individuals tend to be obsessive, fastidious, constantly trying to stay on top of chaos. Picture the ‘mum’ with the perfect home, although she has 4 children all under the age of 6yr, her white couch is white with no stain to be seen.

Emotional: can be highly emotional and care for others deeply. They strive to do everything just right that they are sensitive to being ‘criticised’. These individuals tend to get involved with charity work.

Advising a person with the above traits to eat wholesome organic foods with some daily coffee enemas with vegetable juicing once a day can tip them over again by more ‘doing’ than ‘being.’ SO again working with the individual as a ‘whole’ is important rather than just ‘bombarding’ them with all sorts of drugs, be they chemotherapy drugs or nutritional/herbal supplements.

Remember the personality is part of the ‘whole’ person not the whole in itself. We all know that our environment is very important too. We may have all the traits above and not get cancer because we eat well and live in a happy home. But if we have some of the above traits and eat ‘junk’, don’t sleep well (the one time the body has a chance to heal and repair), take various drugs, from the plethora of acid reflux convenience pills or liquids through to the odd ‘happy street drug’ then of course we increase our chances of getting cancer.

Dr. Dirk Hammer, a German doctor says:

“Through the millennia, humanity has more or less consciously known that all diseases ultimately have a psychic origin and it became a “scientific” asset firmly anchored in the inheritance of universal knowledge; it is only modern medicine that has turned our animated beings into a bag full of chemical formulas.”

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To great health!


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