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Dementia Awareness Week

Hi everyone,  

I want to share what I have been learning over the week and past few months in relation to dementia. 

It is dementia awareness week and I have so much to share to help you age well and help your elders. Dementia is costing the health of our nation millions and it is only increasing. So why not be a part of the revolution in dementia prevention and awareness. Share this article with others and let’s rely on getting informed than misinformed.  

  1. Studies are showing dementia is reversible

  2. Cognitive decline, dementia, mood disorders are linked to those tiny bacteria in the gut. These microbes in the gut speak to the brain, yes they do. 

  3. The gut is where the majority of our immune system resides. The immune system in the gut is a critical factor in mental health well-being

  4. The drug metformin is known to reduce dementia. Metformin ensures that sugar that is swimming in the blood is pushed into the cells..but this sugar then turns to fat. 

What you put in your mouth impacts dementia, be it food, medications, supplements, cigarettes etc.  Sugar, unfortunately (although, tasty and sweet and one of the most addictive substances known to man) has a tremendous negative impact on the brain. It increases inflammation, it creates an acidic environment (which is corrosive) and since metformin slows down or reverses dementia why not cut out this ‘non-food’. 

Antibiotics destroy the healthy gut bacteria and these good bacteria (well actually we have a balance between the good and the bad, so aiming to just have good bacteria is not what it is all about either) communicate with the brain. So a healthy gut microbe population means a healthy mind. Antibiotics (aka anti-life) kill the good bacteria as well as the bad. So yes, medications play a role in dementia. The acid lowering drugs, unfortunately, reap havoc with the gut microbe and therefore in a roundabout way play a role in dementia.

To date there are 5 types of early onset dementia…Here are the 5 types….

  1. Inflammatory and glycotoxic: this includes chronic infections, diabetes, high insulin levels, high glucose levels, high cortisol

  2. Atrophic: High sex hormones such as oestrogen and testosterone, low vitamin D, high insulin and low thyroid hormones. Basically, these hormones play an important role in the growth of brain cells.

  3. Toxic: mold exposure, biotoxins from Lyme’s disease, heavy metals like mercury, lead, arsenic etc and other chemicals, such as the toxic household chemicals, synthetic perfumes, household products containing chemicals. These chemicals act on the tight junctions of the gut and then this makes the gut ‘leaky’ (imagine a hose pipe that is punctured with tiny holes) this allows chemicals to cross into the blood and get across the blood brain barrier leading to brain cell toxicity

  4. Vascular: all related to the health of the blood vessels. The health of the blood vessels is dependent on nutrition, blood pressure, homocysteine levels (worth asking your doctor for a homocysteine test next time you are in, it is a great indicator of dementia as well as heart disease and more)

  5. Traumatic: head injuries such as in sports like rugby, football, boxing. Physical trauma can destroy neurons in the brain.

The good news is that you can adjust all the above and prevent dementia or even reverse it. How? Get cleansing and detoxing. In order to do this, that means removing the foods that do not serve your body. Although we now know, that the brain is neuroplastic, in others word can grow new cells, the balance between the ‘toxins’ and neuroplasticity needs to be addressed. We live in a world with too many toxins. So start by removing these toxins.

We require healthy robust detox organs (so they can usher out the toxins rapidly and effectively), a house devoid of toxic household products (just walk down the household produce aisle in your supermarket …that smell? that smell impacts your brain! these chemicals are not promoting cell regeneration but degeneration). We want to avoid sugar as much as possible if not all together (remember when cigarettes were good for you? and even doctors recommended smoking to relax, well welcome to the new smoking aka ‘sugaring’). We want good fats that help build the nerve cells, these include saturated fats as well as omega oils AND out with the sunflower oil, corn oil, rapeseed oil and vegetable oil. These oils when heated are basically toxic to the cells. Switch to coconut, ghee, butter, palm BUT ensure they are harvested and grown ethically and sustainably.

For bookings (go here) or a free 15 minute skype chat click here.

I will be sharing more but you can find a little more here on detoxing.

To dementia awareness week!


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