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Children that ask ‘are we there yet?’

Updated: Feb 23, 2023


Yesterday I mentioned that I would be sharing about one of my most favorite remedies, BUT it is one of my most experienced and LIVED remedies……and I am here to tell the tale

It is a remedy known for …

– restlessness

– easily bored

– need for stimulation

– risky behavior

– time is going too fast, need to seize every second

– ideal ‘job’ would be something that does not involve routine and preferably travel

– ‘itchy feet’ as in wanting to keep moving or going places

– these children can be labeled as ADHD or ADD

– TEND to be more independent- emotionally and practically

Do you relate? …know which remedy it is?

These individuals (of this remedy) are known to have a ‘restless’ energy, they need adventure, stimulation, CHANGE. God forbid they end up in a 9 to 5 job, they may just end up getting respiratory issues from the utter ‘boredom’. Soon enough they will find a new job.

These individuals, like adventure, it can be creative, physical but is definitely experiential. They tend to love to travel, their ideal job would entail one that involves travel. Movement helps their restless, this restless is all about the ‘need’ for stimulation.

As toddlers they may be ‘hyper’, never sit still in one place, ‘he just cannot focus’ says the mother, he is off on another project. School said he/she is disruptive, he/she does not retain what he/she is learning. I bought her this jigsaw puzzle and within minutes she moves on..she needs so much stimulation. The other day I found her trying to climb the kitchen cupboard.

These children are not ‘made’ for school, they are made for adventure, they are made to create, they may be the ‘naughty one’ that other parents do not want their child hanging around with in school…why? Because they can be ‘disruptive’ BECAUSE they have this restless energy, that needs to be expressed.

These children can be the ones with asthma, eczema, recurrent tonsillitis…They have no ‘fear’, they will speak up to the teacher, not out of maliciousness or rudeness.

This child may be the one having the tantrum in the shopping mall .but if the parent is this remedy themself they would not take their child to a shopping mall because they relate, he/she was the one that would end up running around the shopping mall or getting up to ‘no good’ such as end up under the clothes rack with a fizzy drink of sorts.

To look at them they may have the longest of eyelashes, a good head of hair, they are usually slender and can even look like they can do with some extra calories.

Moving into the teen years….they like adventure, they tend to choose sports that gives them that outlet for their restlessness, they are the skateboarders that will do that bowl drop with some trick that a mother would rather die than watch her child do.

They could be a worry to the parents that like structure and ‘safe jobs’, a good income, a good education. This teenager has no time for sitting at home studying for his/her exams. ..what a waste of time when there is so much more they can be doing. When they do study, it will be only if it engrosses their senses, captures them…otherwise you may be lucky to get a couple of hours of studying from them for their exams.

They can be the ones who are chatting away on Instagram, what’s app and snap chat all at the same time….life is just too short, need to LIVE it.

Lockdown, there is no lockdown for these teenagers, they will be the ones meeting and playing some sport even if it means breaking the rules, or climbing over the gates to harness that restlessness. They are not breaking the rules, it is an outlet for that restless. When this restless is harnessed in a healthy way may see them as the ski-ing instructors in another country or the surfing teachers during their summer break.

Their friends tend to be the same. These types can also get into stimulants as boredom has no ‘place’ in their lives. They can be the ones who get a job whilst at college because it means ‘money’ for more adventures, for travel, for that new skateboard. For the parents reading this who are accountants, they are not saving for a rainy day or their future investment, they are LIVING for the adventure, so let that one go.

These teenagers cannot stay home all day, they are ‘out and about’. This ‘out and about’ is not aimless, it is to express that restless energy.

They can be in the creative arts. Their imaginations can be crazy wild, colorful and magnetic. This week they may be into a girl/boy, next week they may be bored of them especially if they are not able to engage with their energy and vibe. They are pretty independent, they are not people pleasers. They can be highly expressive and dynamic. Not much gets them down, they are HOPEFUL, the optimists. These teenagers are the ones you may find into ‘edgey’ sports, driving fast cars, BMX biking…these are all outlets for that restlessness. Their desire for stimulation is a driving force. .

They want to LIVE FOR TODAY…they do not want to miss out.

The adult of this remedy, maybe a ‘nomad’, no place that they call home. They love travel, they need CHANGE. ‘Itchy feet’ is their middle name. They may love the heights of mountains, they want to feel free, they may be the ones that ski and choose the black slopes

God help the people with the ‘ban on traveling abroad but they may just find a way. They will be the ones buying homes in another country, the desire to travel is strong. If they are ‘stuck at home’ as parents they may start building their homes upwards and outwards but rest assured they will not be doing nothing

Physically they may have a history of chest infections, asthma, eczema, bronchitis, pneumonia….and a dose of this remedy is usually medicine to this ‘energetic’ soul.

Can you guess the remedy?

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