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Chaos within the hormone community

Welcome all to what feels like the end of the summer season. It has been a wonderful season and now most of us are entering a new season in our lives, whether it is going back to work, or school, University, or starting a new family,  a new job, going self employed, wherever and however this time of the year finds you, I hope it finds you well and joyFUL.

I wanted to share some news on starting a new family, some of you may want to switch off right now…BUT BUT BUT  just before you do, you may want to forward this blog to someone who may just benefit from the info here. This information is not freely available. Your doctor let alone your dietician will not share this with you, it is not because they are with-holding information from you,  they actually do not have this information….ready?

Since running my practice one of the most common life stages I find myself working with is pre-conceptual, peri-pregnancy (I am not sure ‘peri’ has been used in this context before but I am referring to during pregnancy)…and post pregnancy care.

The number of women labeled as ‘sub clinically infertile’ has increased since I first started in practice.  This does make me want to ‘scream out of frustration’, as most of these so-called ‘sub clinically’ infertile women are actually either low in nutrients or their hormones have been abused by the so-called ‘birth control pill’ (BCP). Now I am referring to sub clinical infertility…whereby nothing is physically ‘abnormal’…just pure ‘un-explained’ infertility.

Now if you have been on the BCP, or are still on it,  it is worth just google-ing the side effects of the BCP…they vary from un-explained infertility, PCOS (that is polycystic ovary syndrome), breast cancer, ovarian cancer, hair loss, weight gain, acne, gosh the list is endless and I do not want to waste my blog space listing down such hormonal abuse as I have more urgent information to share. So do have a look at the side effects of such potent synthetic hormones that are literally creating chaos within the female body.

So, primarily…..

if you have been on the BCP and are trying to conceive and it is not happening, get hold of a good naturopath and ask for a ‘birth control pill’ detox, then ask for a review of your nutritional intake and a personalized nutrient supplement programme …that is all you may need.

Secondly if you are on the BCP and about to come off it, you would still benefit from the detox and nutrient support. The detox not only increases the chances of a pregnancy BUT a healthy pregnancy and boosts the health of the future baby.

Did you know since the invention of the BCP, the health of women has deteriorated and childhood health has decreased. More and more newborns are ‘diagnosed’ with asthma, eczema, colic, acid reflux, developmental delays (whatever these developmental delays maybe)?  Have you ever thought why?

Well the BCP is a pill that contains man made hormones, they are not identical to the natural female hormones. These synthetic hormones put more pressure on the gut, liver, kidneys, hair, skin, which are all important detoxing organs in the body. Let us just use a simple example here….(I feel some of you are thinking ‘oh please why is everyone on it then, surely you must be mistaken?’)…..on numerous occasions women in clinic say ‘well I went on the BCP for  X (X being anywhere from acne/hair loss/PMS i.e. whatever the possible hormonal imbalance maybe and of course some for birth control!), although I felt awful on it at the beginning, eventually the symptoms cleared …but as soon as I came off the pill the I have had PMS (or gaining weight/hair loss/infertility/mood swings; again any hormonal imbalance symptom can be inserted here).

Now you may think…’yes that is me, or that is my aunt’ etc. Well don’t hold back get yourself help. We are physiologically, biochemically, genetically, and biographically unique.  Therefore, so are our hormones. One woman may come off the BCP and fall pregnant immediately, for another it may take a few months, for another a few years for another it is just not happening….this may well be because the BCP has sent the natural hormonal rhythm into complete dis-array. The BCP does not work with the body’s rhythm it has it’s own chemically charged agenda, which is basically to ‘hijack’ the hormonal system. And whilst the hormonal system is hijacked the body is using up valuable nutrients such as vitamin B6 and zinc.

Do not get me wrong I am not anti-BCP. The BCP has given women a lot of freedom…but at what cost? Also don’t forget that most doctors will check that you are taking folic acid when you fall pregnant BUT what about the Vitamin D, B6, B12, zinc and the omega fats which are crucial not only for conception but also for the growth and development of the baby.

I am going to stop here as I feel my wrist wants a break,…but I will move onto peri-pregnancy care in next month’s blog….

Till then enjoy the new season !

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