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Buttering Up!

Welcome to  sunny September, we are experiencing a beautiful Indian summer…long may it continue! Swiftly moving on…(as I want to get out there and enjoy it)…..

I would like to share the Food Standard Agency’s new advertising campaign. I have included one of their campaign images above in this Monthly Boost and thought it was time to mop up the myths on fat. Is the ad implying

  1. that saturated fats are bad?

  2. that sunflower oil and olive oil are a better option than butter?

  3. that cooking with sunflower oil and olive oil is healthier than cooking with butter, a saturated fat?

Well if the answer to the above questions is ‘Yes’ then they are severely mis-informed. The researchers behind this ad campaign need a prompt education in basic nutrition.

It is ancient news that cooking with polyunsaturated fats such as sunflower oil turns the oil rancid! This rancid oil creates free radicals and these go onto cause blood vessel damage impacting the overall health of the body and the mind. The cardiovascular, immune and hormonal systems are attacked by these rancid fats and not forgetting to mention the negative impact on cognitive function, which includes memory, concentration and emotional balance (such as depression, hyperactivity, Alzheimer’s…just to name a few).

What seems more disturbing is the established fact that ‘plastic bottles’ in general can leach cancer causing chemicals and most of these polyunsaturated fats come in such bottles. These oils take in the chemicals from the plastic as they are fat soluble!

Are we just not adding fuel to the fire? Not only are our bodies being harmed by these rancid fats but they are being slowly poisoned by the toxic plastic chemicals. But not to worry, we have healthier options like butter or use olive oil (only at low temperatures) for cooking. If you like sunflower oil or any of the other polyunsaturated fats (like pumpkin seed, rape seed oils etc) then ensure that the oil is stored below room temperature in a non plastic bottle and only use it cold. Do not heat it.

I think it is time for some good news. Sticking with butter is MUCH better. Butter is natural, heat stable and of course tasty! Not to mention that it is rich in vitamins A, D, E and K (the fat soluble vitamins) which are seemingly lacking in the ‘low fat dieters’. At this point you may be thinking doesn’t butter cause ‘high cholesterol’? To get the low down on this you may want to pick up the book: ‘Fat doesn’t make you Fat’. Not only are saturated fats vital for optimum health but they are the only fats that are heat stable. Hopefully this leaves you with some ‘thought for food’.

To vitality and health


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