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Back To School With Nutrition & Homeopathy

Welcome to the month of September!

For some of us, it is that time of the year which can bring up all sorts of emotions and I am one of those parents. So to ease myself and you into this transition, I have posted a few blogs (on FB and Insta) on how to MINDFULLY  help your child(ren) transition into school/nursery/childminders. Remember, A THOUGHT leads to an emotional response that leads to a physical/physiological response. So it is very helpful to listen to your child(rens)’s concerns, fears, apprehensions before trying to find ‘a fix’. Nothing replaces love, reassurance, hugs, smiles and some great stories of bravery (for more see my social media on FB and Insta).

What your child may be going through can be equated to how you may feel starting a new job or moving to a new home, some of us can feel very anxious, others can feel physically sick by the change and some of us may just not even ‘bat an eyelid’. We all respond in different ways and so does each child.

Firstly, ensure your child eats well, nourishing his/her body physically will also support their emotional well being. They will be able to focus better, have plenty of energy hence be content. Here is a blog I wrote on this very subject. If you would like to do a HAIR TISSUE MINERAL ANALYSIS to delve deeper into your child(rens)’s nutritional requirements then you can book a test and session here

There are times when a child may experience anxiety because he/she may feel scared, he/she may not like change, prefers to stay home, has low confidence, are very shy and so on. If this is the case then read on and see if any of the homeopathic remedies match your child and you can order these from a homeopathic pharmacy (there is Helios, Ainsworth, and Nelsons in England and if you are outside of the UK, you can search the internet for a homeopathic pharmacy near you). You can order these remedies in the 30c potency or even 200c. I would suggest starting with 30c and giving a pill twice a day for the first few days of school/nursery. Homeopathy, not only builds the child’s overall constitution but in doing so prevents further illnesses later on such as colds, flus, stomach bugs, panic attacks and so on.

Homeopathy is safe and can be used throughout the various life stages from birth through to the older years.

Here are a few remedies that may help at this time of transition…

Calcarea Carbonica; these children tend to like routine but are content in themselves. They can be stubborn and struggle with change, the typical child that may want to put his shoe on the way he/she wants. You may be getting frustrated that they are running late but they have this stubbornness that they want to do it their way.  They can be prone to nightmares and can be frightened by scary stories. However, they are quite independent and can happily play on their own in school/nursery etc These children tend to get sweaty scalps at night.

Pulsatilla: these children tend to be shy, timid and delicate looking (not delicate physically). They may hold onto mum/dad’s legs at the school gate and weep. They tend to fear any kind of abandonment so the school gate is like a monster to them. They weep easily and like to be close to mum/dad. If they bond with the teacher they can be ‘teacher’s pet’ as it is their way of not being abandoned. They may have nightmares about being left by the parents or of growing up (Peter Pan).

Phosphorus: these children are full of life but can then also as quickly get exhausted. They make friends easily and their life is about their friends, being with friends, playing with their friends. They are also easily assured, and the day before school/nursery starts, some re-assurance will go a LONG way. They are enthusiastic and excitable. They can have many fears, such as ghosts, thunderstorms, the dark, monsters..but these fears can be easily dispelled by hugs and reassurance.

Bartya Carb: these children like pulsatilla can hold onto mum/dads legs at the school gate. They can be nervous with strangers to the point you may find this child hiding under the school table or chair. These children may start to pick or bite their nails to hide their shyness. It is their incredible shyness that makes them prefer to sit alone or sit in the last row of the class. They may not participate in any social activities such as games, sports etc. They can have a fear of strangers, narrow and closed spaces. They are very sensitive to being reprimanded. LOVE animals.

Calcarea Phos: These children tend to grow rapidly and also experience growing pains. They can be whiny and have headaches or stomach-aches that prevents them from going to school/nursery. At school they may deny any illness but not at home as this gives them the chance to stay home 🙂 They can be easily tired/confused from over study, reading or mental exertion.

Argentum Nitricum: these children tend to be the anxious type, mainly to due anticipation and they can get diarrhea and flatulence with the anxiety. Due to their anxiety, they can be impulsive, restless, talkative. This remedy is also a remedy for panic attacks.

Lycopodium: these children don’t like transition and can be quite bossy at home but well behaved at school. These children tend to prefer books, lego, indoor games rather than sports. They can lack confidence and will therefore over prepare for an event and generally do very well. They can be moody as they are not very expressive emotionally and their anger can come out in bursts and/or irritability.

Arsenicum: these children can be highly strung and fearful. Fear is more due to vivid imagination and therefore can be fearful of death, ghosts at night, insects, narrow spaces. They can be prone to asthma, twitching of the muscles if pushed or forced to do anything. They tend to be nervous and feel they are going to be ill and want mum/dad near them. Overanxious about everything. They can also be ‘just so’, as in have their room in a particular way, all the toys maybe lined up, certain books on certain shelves etc. this helps them with their inner anxiety.

Always allow your child to express their feelings if they need their bedroom in a certain way so they feel comfortable make time for this (even if it does not suit your design preferences). If they come back from school and they seem irritable, tired, wired, allow them to rest and give a wholesome nutrient-dense snack (ideas here).

Wishing every child a successful transition and every parent some much-needed reassurance.


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