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Back to school and Essential Oils…Are You Ready?

One of my family members messaged me only this morning saying….’you know that diffuser you bought for X, it is one of the best gifts we received for X. Every time X gets a bit of congestion, it clears with just a few drops of eucalyptus in the diffuser’ … a practitioner this is music to my ears…love spreading the news of we can help our bodies to heal naturally.

So in a nutshell…essential oils are oils extracted from plants (how they are extracted is very important but I am happy to cover this another time) Plants synthesise a wide variety of chemical compounds and phytonutrients that are used as a protective mechanism against environmental factors. These compounds not only perform essential biological functions, but also defend against environmental stressors such as heat, cold, poor growing environments, insects, fungi, and herbivorous mammals. These powerful protectors have to be produced in the plants since plants do not have the defense mechanism of movement.

We humans can reap the benefits of these powerful protectors by exposing ourselves to these phytonutrients which come in the form of essential oils. This is essential oils in very basic terms.

We use them practically by diffusing them or applying them on the body NEVER apply neat without advise…but put them in a carrier oil like good quality coconut oil. For example it is time for some to return to school or some kind of routine as the summer months draw to an end.  So to help with your children returning to school here are a few tips…

in your child’s bedroom you can use a diffuser and diffuse oils such as 1. for wake up – orange and peppermint 2. for memory and focus – rosemary and lemon 3. for calming – lavender and chamomille 4. for immune support – tea tree and/or eucalyptus

All you need is a diffuser and the oils. You only need a couple of drops of the oil in the diffuser with water. These last for ages.

There are also the roll ons which your children can carry (remedies to roll on , such as study remedies or relaxation remedies)…but some of the teens may think ‘yeah right and do that grunt or eye ball roll’…so maybe diffusers are easier…I actually make the deodorant for the teen with these oils and add a bit of sandal wood as my teen loves the smell of sandalwood and it keeps him grounded too.

Anyway off to keep the vitamin D topped up ..wherever you are have a great day and don’t forget free shipping this bank holiday weekend in UK and Ireland if you want to get the above here is the link…along with a free geranium and orange hand cream whilst stocks last.

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