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Atchoo! A Flu

I hope your October was fun and healthy! We have a busy month ahead with birthday celebrations and the celebration of Diwali. Others may be taking it easy before the December festivities kick off but there will be many of us thinking about ‘enjoying the winter without having to succumb to the flu’.  The flu seems to be a common ‘fear’ that rears its ‘ugly or not so ugly’ head at this time of the year..but did you know that having a flu is actually a ‘positive symptom’?

To some this may sound a bit ‘off the radar’ but if we stop and think for a moment ‘what does the flu entail?’…for starters it means the immune system is actually being exercised (which we don’t seem to allow in today’s society). For the immune system to be exercised it needs to recognize that something is not quite right within. Healthy immune cells are able to trigger a whole cascade of symptoms…and we are all pretty familiar with them…varying from the runny nose, feeling feverish, lethargy, achy (as if a truck has just run us over) in other words just generally feeling more than ‘a bit under the weather’.

The immune system has to be working pretty ‘full on’ or efficiently for the body to actually produce these symptoms.  Can you imagine having the ‘flu virus’ in your body without the immune system having the ability to recognize or eliminate the virus(es)? This leads to the body being hijacked in some shape or form. The symptoms of this ‘hijacking’ can vary from chronic fatigue syndrome, arthritis, cancer, diabetes , just to name a few. Now that this may have got you thinking, would you rather have a flu for a few days or something more chronic like diabetes? I know which I would go for…

Now I am not saying that ‘getting the flu’ every few weeks is healthy but actually have the flu once or twice a year is not only ensuring your immune system is getting a ‘work out’ but your body gets a Spring Clean.

If you ask any one who has had cancer ‘did they get the flu’ before cancer, they will typically say ‘no’. I see patients like this who say ‘I was so healthy I did not even get a cold let alone a flu in years’. This would ring alarm bells, it would make me thing what is suppressing their immune system? Why is it not exercising effectively?  The immune system is important in recognizing not only the flu virus but abnormal cells like cancer cells! we want to exercise it not ‘dumb it down’ with medications and vaccinations.

So why is the world (more so the Western world may I add) ‘petrified’ of the flu? To the point that we are now vaccinating not only the more mature population ‘against it’ but the younger ones, I mean babies!

Well I cannot really answer that directly (as I could be typing away for days and as much as I like doing these Monthly Boosts I have a family and a clinic to run…catch my drift?).  but I can leave you with a few thoughts that you may want to ‘mull over’  ….

  1. Ingredients in the flu vaccine can actually cause long-term neurological impairment

  2. Flu vaccines contain mercury which has been removed from childhood vaccines due to the toxic effects of this metal. Mercury toxicity can cause a whole host of health problems from cardiovascular disease through to  cancer

  3. When a flu vaccine is manufactured it is a ‘guess’ as to what strain to include in the vaccine ..hence most people will get the flu even though they had the flu vaccine!

  4. The flu vaccine debilitates the immune system, therefore year after year the individual’s general constitution gets weaker

BUT it is not all doom and gloom! You can start to boost your health by boosting your overall well being, this can be done by eating healthy foods, drinking good quality water, taking some good quality herbs. One can also take homeopathic remedies during the flu season which are not only effective in boosting your immunity but also if you do get the flu the body can deal with it more effectively (and therefore avoiding unnecessary complications especially in the more mature population).  We offer our clients with a homeopathic ‘flu’ programme, so if you would like just get in touch we are just a mouse click/phone call away!

So don’t fear the ‘flu’, get some remedies to see you through the winter season and don’t suppress the loyal immune system, it is just having a work out to see you through life!

To Our Immunity!


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