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Are you taking Vitamin C or Ascorbic Acid?

Hi there, 

I wanted to share a little on Vitamin C, especially as we are in the thick of winter here, well it feels like the thick of winter. Are you taking VITAMIN C or are you taking ASCORBIC ACID? 

I remember when I first explained to my younger child when he was about 3 years of age,  as he was peeling the white thread-like material called the pith off the orange segments, that it is highly nutritious. He would peel off the pith and then eat the orange. I grew up in a home where my mother used to have amla berries in the fridge in syrup, I remember going into the fridge and eating the whole pot once! I had no idea the amazing benefits of this wonderful berry at that time, I just loved the syrup that these berries were steeped in. 

But back to Vitamin C,……REAL vitamin C consists of….

– Ascorbic acid

– Tyrosine kinase

– Bioflavonoids

– Factors, K, P and J

– Carotenoids

– Anthocyanins

BUT ascorbic acid just consists of ascorbic acid. Ascorbic acid is a pro-oxidant whereas VITAMIN C is an anti-oxidant ASCORBIC ACID DOES NOT PREVENT SCURVY, VITAMIN C PREVENTS SCURVY.  So why do we have this discrepancy? Well, it comes down to ‘scientists’ not being connected to mother nature and money. MOST ascorbic acid is derived from corn sugar in a laboratory, Ascorbic acid is easier and cheaper to make. Some believe the IV vitamin C, which is actually IV ascorbic acid works as a pro-oxidant, as the ascorbic acid produces peroxide in the cells, so ‘killing’ bugs through oxidation. Ascorbic acid depletes natural Vitamin C. 

We have so many foods rich in this powerful anti-oxidant, anti-viral VITAMIN C, some of them include cherry acerola, camu camu, rose hips, elderberries (this is why elderberry syrup is so popular during the winter season to boost the immune system and nourish the stress glands) and of course amla berries ..but preferably without the syrup 🙂 

VITAMIN C (not ascorbic acid) has so many VITAL functions…here are a few….

– immune boosting

– boosts glutathione our most powerful anti-oxidant in the body

– essential for the adrenal glands (our stress glands)

– key in collagen production, hence the health of tendons, ligaments, bones, and joints

– repairs wounds

– assists in the absorption of iron

– reduces the risk of cataracts 

– reduces the risk of heart disease

– thyroid health (if you are hypothyroid, then this is vitamin is gold dust)

I see clients in clinic who have been diagnosed as anemic who were taking iron and still anemic few months later. By adding in REAL vitamin C some of them, their iron levels went up. Why is this? Because the VITAMIN C helps that iron to be ‘bioavailable’ in other words in it’s correct ‘charged’ state, otherwise iron itself is a pro-oxidant!  That is why some doctors recommend having orange juice with their iron supplements. We are missing the REAL vitamin C.  I love the CHERRY ACEROLA which we use daily, but homemade elderberry syrup is a firm favorite in the winter too. 

However, there are those that have ‘hypothyroidism’ and anemia and I have found it to be a copper imbalance issue and a little more needs to be analyzed and worked on. The copper in the tyrosine kinase in the REAL vitamin C is just not ‘cutting it’. So I use the HAIR TISSUE MINERAL ANALYSIS to see what is going on with the minerals and the various systems in the body. 

If there is long term deficiency of VITAMIN C it can result in 

– scurvy

deterioration of connective tissue 

deterioration of the gums

– premature age-ing

– skin wrinkling 

Also think hypermobility issues and Ehlers Danlos Syndromes which are so much more prevalent now than ever before. You may want to read about this case on ADHD to understand a bit more about the link between minerals and hypermobility issues. 

REAL food is best ALWAYS. This is being proven time and again, as most supplements have their origin in the laboratory. I am not against supplements, but take wholefood based ones and homeobotanicals, potentized herbal remedies, and nourishing foods are all my first choices. 

To health and TRUTH! 


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