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Anti-biotics = Anti-life

Welcome to November! What a month it has been. Could we pack in any more celebrations? From Diwali, Eid and not to mention Thanksgiving ! Well whatever the month holds ahead I hope it is full of vibrant health and happiness. Anyway, let me get back to this month’s subject before I break out in ‘song and dance’ celebrating.

This month I have decided to share some vital information on ‘antibiotics’ also known as ‘anti-life’. Yes, this is the literal translation. With the colder season here for some us, antibiotics become the prescription pad’s best friend.

Antibiotics in an emergency situation and I am referring to a ‘life or death’ situation most definitely have a role, but these drugs should not be prescribed otherwise. Not only are they toxic, they are breeding superbugs at an alarming rate. Allow me to introduce you to the basic ‘flaw’ in the use of antibiotics.

Primarily antibiotics do not differentiate between the so-called ‘good’ and ‘bad’ bacteria, also known as ‘beneficial’ and ‘pathogenic’ bacteria respectively. The beneficial bacteria have many vital functions, these include:

  1. Production of vitamins, such as B and K that our body can not produce!

  2. Being part of the body’s detoxification/cleansing system

  3. Boosting immunity

  4. Helping control the growth of ‘pathogenic’ bacteria

Did you know that we have more of these bacteria than we do our own cells! What does that say about these wonderful bugs?

In essence antibiotics destroy the healthy bacteria and by doing so ‘shift’ the ‘wellness’ of the individual to increasing the susceptibility of the individual to falling ill from any number of conditions such as eczema, irritable bowel, arthritis, fungal infections, ‘food intolerances’, acne rosacea ..the list is endless.

Mark, a web designer from London came to see me after having been on three courses of antibiotics for his acne. Can I add that one course was taken for a period of 6 months and when that did not work he was prescribed the other two courses one after the other for 3 months each! OUCH! Well after these antibiotics he developed irritable bowel syndrome.

The antibiotics started to strip his body of the good bacteria (majority of which are in the gut). As he continued with his antibiotics. he started to feel more ‘light headed’, his concentration started to decline, his bowels were now in constant disarray, he could not get to work without having to empty his bowels on the way. His life was now dictated by his toxic body. He became intolerant to various foods including the common ones dairy and wheat and to further add to his misery, his acne was not any better. He was now basically suffering from a ‘leaky gut’. More about this in the book ‘Fat Doesn’t Make You Fat’ .

Another case was a 3 year old boy, Nathan, who had been on seven courses of antibiotics due to re-occurring ear infections, followed by a ‘runny nose’, tonsiilitis and then diarrhoea. This 3 year old by was now looking pale with dark circles below his eyes and also had developed eczema, let alone multiple food intolerances. Why on earth was he prescribed SEVEN rounds of antibiotics? Are we looking to create a Megabug?

When Mark and Nathan came to see me, I was actually ‘treating’ them from the abuse of antibiotics before I could do anything else with them! Both Mark and Nathan’s parents were suprised to hear that they could have avoided antibiotics AND still ‘treat’ the acne, ear infections and tonsillitis with a more naturopathic approach.

It is just not acceptable that we are prescribed such toxic medications in such high frequency in today’s era of the so-called superbug. The antibiotics are not addressing the cause of Mark’s acne or Nathan’s ear infections but just suppressing it. In the UK now we have ‘packs’ that can be purchased from pharmacies which have mini-wipes and sprays to ‘kill’ MRSA..have we truly gone ‘bonkers’? To further the ‘madness’, the image for this Monthly Boost was taken from a local London paper. It seems that the National Health Service in the UK is also ‘thinking again’….but why is the prescription pad still more powerful?

My challenge to you this month or rather this season, is why not look at the alternatives? There are some great herbs, homeopathic remedies and nutritional supplements that are effective in supporting the immune system as well as balancing out imbalances like a poor immune system. And of course don’t forget to take a great probiotic, that is good bacteria in a pill and NOT the sugar laden yoghurts that are advertised everywhere.

Let’s think health and not anti-life medication.

May the celebrations continue along with great health!


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