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Acquired DIEting Hyperactive Syndrome? (ADHS)

Hi there,

Do you or someone you know suffer from ADHS, Acquired DIEting Hyperactive Syndrome…..

Overwhelmed with …

  1. What to eat and what to not eat?

  2. Which supplement to take and which DIEt to follow?

  3. Looking for the magic cure to your health issues?

  4. Confused by the conflicting advise on different online health groups?

  5. How to fast and how to not fast?

  6. Detox or not detox and how on earth to detox?

  7. To chelate or not to chelate?

  8. Fearful to come off your supplements in case all your symptoms come back?

  9. Constantly practitioner shopping?

  10. Getting irritable at the slightest thing?

Then it is more than likely you have ADHS.

I tell you, if I was not a ‘recovering PhD research scientist’ turned naturopathic-nutritionist and homoeopath, I would be so overwhelmed with all the 21st Century health advise that I would be on medication for my ADHS. I mean where do you start? And where do you stop? Do you ever stop? Are you in that rabbit hole?

I have heard men and women say, ‘they are overwhelmed and they feel so cranky and tired, they shout at their kids/partners and they never used to be like this’. They rely on stimulants to keep ontop of life …..

Here are some more symptoms of ADHS….Acquired DIEting Hyperactive Syndrome…..

  1. Relying on Dr Internet to give you the ‘diagnosis’ and then the answers?

  2. Relying on stimulants to get you through?

  3. You feel better for a while but then you’re back right where you started with less in your bank, taking advise from various social media health groups

  4. Hoping that one practitioner will cure you of your ailments

  5. Cannot remember the last time you danced without alcohol with abandon

  6. Feel surges of overwhelm with DIEt information

  7. Trying to live in a bubble to reduce your toxic levels

  8. Still have the excess weight that seems to hang on like an unwanted ex after all those years?

  9. Skin that looks like you have travelled back to your teens even after all the visits to the dermatologist and expensive facials

This way of life, not only leads to anxiety about health and wellbeing but it zaps your time, your energy and your health! Living in this state DOES NOT ALLOW YOUR BODY TO HEAL. You can consume all the organic, locally grown food and take the most ‘consciously’ sourced supplements, even live in that ‘toxin’ free bubble…but living in a state of ‘fight, flight, freeze’ does not allow your body to heal. This way of life is a recipe for chronic ill health.

It is a recipe for

  1. Depression

  2. Isolation

  3. Auto-immune conditions such as Rheumatoid Arthritis, psoriasis

  4. Hormonal imbalances, PCOS, migraines, hot flushes etc

  5. Diabetes

  6. Mood swings

  7. Dependency on stimulants

  8. Burn out

  9. Surviving through life

How can you be the best version of you in MIND and BODY, when this is all going on?  STOP AND BREATHE…….look up and just be present with where you are right now….

I will be sharing Part 2 next week….and how you can rid yourself of this ‘condition’ SPOILER ALERT – It does not involve a magic pill.

To Health


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