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A different view on cancer

Cancer, some call it the ‘Big C’ or the ‘C-word’ or the ‘death sentence’, or a whole host of toxic therapies which involves weight loss, hair loss, loss of appetite, ulcers, grief, depression, anxiety, shock and more. But what if we saw cancer as a ‘dis-ease’ that has reared its head to say a few things?

When I spent my 4 years ‘day in and day out’ researching the genetics of pancreatic cancer never once did I wonder about the history of the ‘patient’ from which the cancer specimen was taken. I remember feeling initially ‘sick in my stomach’, when I would get that call to be ready ‘the surgeon will be removing the cancer in 30 minutes’. I would get the liquid nitrogen and rush over to the theatre and go into theatre to collect the sample. Most of the time the patients died 6 months later. Pancreatic cancer was aggressive, is aggressive and it would start with a simple back pain that was usually overlooked. I do at times wish I had the opportunity to talk to those patients and find out about their story, their life. Because the body just does not decide to produce a ‘dis-ease’ be it the ‘C-word’ or any other word.

What is cancer exactly? Cancer in very basic form is a bunch of cells that have lost ALL boundaries. There is no beginning and no end. There is no sense of ‘stability’. There is chaos, there is overwhelm and there is a lack of ‘connection’ with the rest of the body. What does that all mean? Well if you asked an oncologist they may tell you it is due to either ….

1. a tumor suppressor gene defect


2. an oncogene defect

Now the tumor suppressor gene is like the ‘brake’ pedal and the oncogene is the gas pedal. In cancer, you tend to get one switch off or switch on. So either, the brake pedal has become ‘defunct’ which means the tumor suppressor gene has now no control over telling the ‘cell’ to stop growing ‘enough is enough’, you have ‘arrived’ at your destination.


the gas pedal is constantly depressed in other words the oncogene becomes ‘defunct’ which just tells the cells keep growing, keep on replicating, just keep on, keep on.

THERE ARE NO BOUNDARIES….what switches these off and on, you may ask? Well let’s start with toxins like toxic metals..such as aluminum, mercury, lead, arsenic (think lung cancer and cigarette smoking) …now before I continue, think about where you find these toxic elements? When and where are we exposed to aluminum? When and where are we exposed to mercury? When and where are we exposed to lead?

Then we have toxins such as synthetic hormones, estrogen, birth control pill, estrogens from plastics, BPA, formaldehyde, etc. All truth be said, cancer is a plethora of toxins. Yes, it can be genetic BUT just because your mum or aunty has/had breast cancer does not mean you will get it…you see these genes can switch off and on…like a light switch. You can switch on or off a light switch, these toxins switch them on or off.

But what about emotional toxins? EMOTIONAL BOUNDARIES? ….

Even Dr. Gabor Mate describes the cancer personality. In homeopathy, we learn about a remedy that can be prescribed for those with cancer, and again I am keeping it simple, not digressing into different types of cancer. But for simplicity sake and to get you to think slightly outside of the mainstream ‘box’, a person without boundaries tends to be a ‘nice’ person, they find it hard to say ‘no’, likes to be liked, can be people-pleasers, they can feel the same overwhelm that the cancer cell creates (a cancer cell is an overwhelm of activity) but they keep going. Mr. Nice guy, Miss Amenable ‘sure I will do that for you’, no connection with themselves as they have lost their ‘boundaries’. Where do I begin and where do I end? They tend to hold in their feelings and tend not to be even aware that they are doing this. Subconsciously there is a lot of suppression. Even physically there may be suppression, such as the ongoing use of medications, ongoing exposure to environmental toxins etc.

But again there is this lack of boundaries, even the body’s defense system (the immune system) does not seem to recognize this boundary-less mass that seems to be growing ‘out of control’.

What does it then mean to have boundaries? It means

– to speak up

– to know self from non-self

– to not take on other’s baggage

– to not ‘feel’ responsible for someone else’s feelings

– to be vulnerable but yet have an inner strength

– to make mistakes and learn from them

– to express yourself authentically

– to connect with that inner being

  1. to feel those FEELings

What someone with cancer needs to know is that it is not their job to take care of other people’s feelings. One does not get to control other people’s feelings. How is that we have this notion that we need to keep everyone happy at the expense of our own wellbeing? Actually, how crazy is that to think that we have the power to control another person’s feelings? But that is what happens and next thing the biopsy shows ‘positive’ for C-word.

Same with the chemicals, medications, toxins, household products, aluminum cookware, and plastic food containers that just seep into our internal milieu with no boundaries.

So if you know someone or a loved one with this dis-ease, ensure that they are ‘KIND TO THEMSELVES FIRST’, others can wait.

Also look into the products, chemicals, foods, household utensils that they are surrounded with.

In Western medicine, we have a type of medicine called ‘chemotherapy’ which means CHEMICAL therapy. What do these chemicals do, they intoxicate the cells, they impact DNA synthesis, protein synthesis, cell growth, cell repair …which is great if it these chemicals only targeted the cancer cells but this is not the case. Other cells get poisoned too.

A dis-ease just does not appear overnight, whether it is cancer or arthritis, it has had time to evolve and take shape.

What if we changed the environment, the mental-emotional one as well as the physical one? Would cancer survive then? Would there be less of a chance of that cell going ‘rogue’?

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