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“Your Body Keeps The Score”

Have you ever wondered, why some eat so clean, so organic, so in season, yet struggle to shift with their health issues?

The last few days have been a bit like that. On Sunday morning, I woke with cystitis from ‘hell‘. I could not walk, I was in agony, I however very efficiently and effectively cleared it within a couple of hours with homeopathy and bounced back. However…….

Sunday evening, my older child breaks his elbow (just the day before he was due to go skateboarding in Paris with his mates, hold on there is a reason I am telling you this part and he had only a month ago had his other cast removed after fracturing two bones). He ends up in A&E with hubbie. Before he left for A&E, his elbow was the size of a small football or a rather large tennis ball and he could not straighten it. His body was still in shock and I know the drill. I pack them off with the homeopathic kit and some high potency trauma remedies.

So, beforehand I was worried about him going to Paris without a ‘parent’ (not necessarily me, no control issues there 😉 ). Now I am worried about his surgery under General Anesthetic and it is Sunday night. His trip to Paris is not happening. His surgery is scheduled for Monday morning, did I tell you I LOVE THE NHS?

That night, I kept my phone on, did not sleep well, even got up to fold a whole load of month’s worth of washing! We collect washing and sometimes my boys have even grown out of the clothes by the time they are folded, #truth #selfemployedparents

On Monday morning, I wake up and I am in total agony with cystitis AGAIN, the shock, trauma of my son being in the hospital ready to undergo surgery that also involved a GA had me in a mind spin, no surprise the ‘fear’ was expressing itself as I was not embracing it and had to be ‘in control’.

I had all his remedies prepared for post-surgery and post GA detox (if needed, all depending on how he came around, no protocol may I add)….but ignoring me, myself #motherslove.

He comes out of surgery well, just tired but no remedies needed for GA, just post-surgery healing mix. He is discharged from hospital by early Monday evening.

Me, on the other hand, I am downing copious amounts of water and back on my remedies for cystitis, the symptoms had slightly changed from Sunday morning so I changed the homeopathic remedy to match the symptoms.

I started to feel better, the edge was taken off, did not feel like my insides were going to singe away when visiting the WC.

Tuesday morning, I was expecting to wake up without ANY cystitis, as that is how homeopathy works…but nope, the visits to the WC had me breaking in a sweat, I was messaging my wonderful friend and fellow homeopath too (you know who you are if you are reading this) as she has been there, done it, worn the t-shirt and is a mum of boys.

ONCE my son was home safe and on the road to recovery, I had made some connections. The last time I had cystitis was when I was pregnant with the same boychild, 16.5 years earlier. WOW! The body sure does keep the score (thanks Bessel van der Kolk for that reminder).

So, I realized that the indicated homeopathic remedy that matched the EXACT symptoms of cystitis that I was experiencing WAS not going to work until I released that ‘shock/trauma’.

So, I could take all the unsweetened organic cranberry juice, along with D-mannose, along with Saccharomyces Boulardii to no avail. My body was keeping the score….So I took a shock remedy called Aconite 10M and BAM, it was like taking an elixir of sorts, I could just feel my body relax, my shoulders relax and head just lighten.

I take the cystitis remedy about an hour later as I still had the symptoms but not as intense now, and after one dose of the indicated remedy that I had been taking with no success before taking the shock remedy, the body did its magic. ..healed, no more cystitis, no more sweating from the pain.

So in essence, I am what I think as well as what I eat.

Be conscious of your thoughts, your body is a temple, one that especially us mothers can put aside to meet the needs of our family.

To health and vitality!

PLEASE NOTE, I do not mention the name of the remedies, as the tendency is for people to obtain that remedy and take it for condition X (in this case cystitis) and if the symptoms of the acute condition do not match the remedy then it will not work. So rather than say ‘homeopathy does not work’, it is that the match did not work. Feel free to contact me ( to book a session if you would like professional advice in homeopathy and/or nutrition.

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