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What have antibiotics got to do with your hormones?

It is known that if a woman is taking antibiotics she must be careful if she is also on the birth control pill as it can be ineffective at this time. Why? Because there are a group of bacteria in the gut that are vital for the metabolism of the estrogen hormones.

Anti-biotics, are anti-life (literally translated) so they kill all bacteria within the gut. They do not differentiate between the good, bad and ugly.

There are a set of bacteria in the gut called the ‘estrobolome’. These bacteria have the important role in regulating the hormone estrogen. There are few types of estrogens in the body but to keep it easy on the grey matter i am going to just refer to estrogen.

When a woman takes antibiotics unfortunately the amount of estrogen circulating in her body can increase for a period of time. This is because the bacteria of the ‘estrobolome’ are no longer able to metabolise the estrogen so it can not be readily and easily excreted. This can cause all manner of symptoms from, bloating, PMS, irregular menstruation, painful periods, acne, mood swings etc.

I saw a 39 year old client about 4 months, she first came to see me as her menstrual cycles had gotten shorter but also very painful. The only change in her life had been a dose of antibiotics that she had for a severe sinusitis infection. She had also been taking probiotics (good bacteria in a pill) since finishing her antibiotics.

I gave her a homeopathic antibiotic detox along side some advise on nutritional lifestyle changes which included eating regularly and switching to nutrient dense foods including the introduction of some fermented foods such as kefir.

She returned 7 weeks later for a session for help with her now second sinus infection within a space of 11 weeks but wanted to avoid the antibiotics. Her last period was ‘normal’ and pain free so she wanted to try the same naturopathic approach in helping with her sinus infection. She was given a homeopathic remedy called bryonia which not only cleared her sinusitis but she also started to lose weight which she was unable to achieve over the last couple of years. She got more than she bargained for.

The naturopathic ‘treatment’ allowed her body to re-establish a new healthy balance. If she had continued with taking antibiotics each time she got a sinus infection her overall health would have spiralled down and her hormonal health would have been in dis-array.

Hormonal chaos and not to mention sinusitis can be wonderfully helped with naturopathy.

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