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Updated: Mar 3

SYMPTOMS. What are they? Why do we get symptoms? Are they good, bad or ugly? How do we see symptoms in homeopathy?

Without getting too much into ‘medical jargon’ I want to introduce you to a very important ‘process’ called HOMEOSTASIS. Homeostasis means maintaining balance. Our body will steal from ‘Peter to pay Paul’ to maintain this balance. Let me give you a more recent example of a case and I am choosing this case as it is ALSO RELEVANT for our front liners.

In January I saw a client who was losing hair and badling quite dramatically. She was feeling tired, disappointed and generally ‘flat’. She was on various supplements from a ‘hair and skin’ multivitamin and mineral, a Chinese herb and some adaptogens like ashwagandha. She had also been recommended a hair solution by a Trichologist. FB groups suggested anywhere from B vitamins, iron supplements to thyroid tests.

SYMPTOM of concern – hair loss and balding.

After a full session, it became very clear her symptoms all started after her fiance broke off their engagement. The symptom that brought her for a session was the hair loss. HOWEVER, she had other symptoms, fatigue, depression (indifferent to most things from work, friends, social events), that developed after this news.

So the SYMPTOMS are a MANIFESTATION of an underlying CORE issue. Symptoms are your body’s way of trying to get your attention. The body is saying ‘hey there something is not quite right, can you check in and look after yourself?’

But what do most people do with symptoms? They put a band-aid over them. This client started to take supplements, seeing a hair specialist and booked with an endocrinologist who found that her thyroid levels were on the low side.

When the body produces symptoms, it will not rest, it will produce more and more symptoms over time. Actually not necessarily more symptoms but symptoms that turn deeper.

So symptoms can start off as feeling extreme sadness….this is then ‘band-aided’ with alcohol (as an example), then the body produces lethargy and mental weakness to boot. WHY? because the body is still ‘saying’ ‘you are not listening to me, I am hurting, I am in so much pain and I need to cry and wail and let his heartache heal’ but my client can’t take this so she ‘numbs’ the pain with a glass of wine or two every evening, she then starts to feel physically tired and mentally weak that she takes time off work. She craves sugary foods and drinks to increase her energy, again the SYMPTOMS (no longer one symptom) are being ‘band-aided’. The body is now shouting louder, your body is not giving up on you, it will continue to communicate with you through symptoms.

Since she had about 4 band-aids on her (metaphorically speaking) and still not listening she started to lose hair, all these symptoms appeared within weeks following the ‘heartache’.

Symptoms are not BAD, GOOD or UGLY, they are just the body communicating that we need to turn inwards and check-in and work with the core imbalance.

So by the time she came for a session, she was ‘desperate’, she did not believe in homeopathy as it is ‘voodoo’ but one of her good friends an old client had referred her to me as she had been helped with homeopathy a few years prior when she had chronic fatigue.

Homeopathy definitely can help with ‘symptoms’, but more importantly it can help with the CORE imbalance.

In this case the core was GRIEF

I prescribed a homeopathic remedy called Phosphoric Acidum and over 2 months, ALL her symptoms cleared but more importantly in homeopathy, we prescribe on the CORE, not the symptoms.

PHOSPHORIC ACIDUM is a remedy that can be prescribed when SYMPTOMS arise from GRIEF or DISAPPOINTED LOVE. Once she stopped this remedy she did not revert back to experiencing her symptoms BECAUSE the ‘CORE’ imbalance was healed.

PHOSPHORICUM ACIDUM is a great remedy for front line workers, I have a few front line workers on this remedy. Why? because it is a remedy for major emotional disturbances, grief, exhaustion, overwhelm, weakness.

What do some front liners do? They tend to live on stimulants to keep them going, hardly get any ‘breaks’ and much-needed sleep.

If the remedy matches it works, it is not voodoo, it is HOMEOPATHY.

To health!

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