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Stoptober and Heart Health


So some of my clients are doing STOPTOBER, if you are doing STOPTOBER, then I would recommend having your homocysteine levels tested before and after October.

I get my clients to do this at the beginning of STOPTOBER and at the end…and the results speak for themselves, some go onto quit smoking which is the icing on the cake!

This post is ALSO for the men, although women would also benefit. Most of the male clients I see in clinic come for

– heart issues – high blood pressure – weight loss – gout

and that is really about it.

Smoking is known to have a negative impact on heart health so for the STOPTOBERS read on.

So, if you have a man in your life or YOU ARE the man in your life, I want to ask you, ‘when was the last time you had a well-man check?’ What was the outcome?

Did you have a blood homocysteine test done? This parameter is CRITICAL for heart health yet in England to get this tested on the NHS it is like ‘pulling teeth’. Homocysteine is an amino acid produced by the body.

Homocysteine tells us more about the state of one’s health than cholesterol ever has or ever will.

Homocysteine is also a good indicator of heart health as well as dementia. High homocysteine can increase the risk of heart attack, stroke or pulmonary embolism, in other words, if you have a family history of heart issues and dementia it is well worth getting this tested. If you smoke get a test too, you have nothing to lose.

If homocysteine is high then there will be more inflammation in the body, this inflammation can be anywhere from the brain to the blood vessels, to everywhere.

Homocysteine gets converted to our super-powered anti-oxidant called GLUTATHIONE. No one wants low levels of glutathione. This anti-oxidant is also a key player in detoxification. So if you have high homocysteine levels, the likelihood is you have low glutathione which means a build-up of toxins and if you smoke, then you have even more toxins going in and a reduced ability to detox them.

In March 2019, I saw a friend’s husband who is only 46 years old who had high blood pressure, on blood pressure-lowering medications as well statins. In June he had a heart attack…no family history. He wanted nutritional advice and I suggested he see a homeopath first as he is a workaholic and a ‘do-aholic’ at home (his wife is well versed in nutrition so was in good hands) and cut out sugar, hydrogenated fats etc..all the stuff in my EBOOK.

His blood pressure was still high 3 months later, so he had a private blood test done, to his shock, his homocysteine levels were 11x the normal levels. It was no wonder he had the heart attack as well as not seeing any progress with his blood pressure (he did also have the British beer belly which is generally a good indication that the heart needs some serious loving).

After ONE nutrition session, he managed to change his lifestyle dramatically, add in some B vitamins and anti-oxidants SLOWLY, support his liver and within 5 weeks his blood pressure was down to ‘normal’. He had been on different blood pressure medications since the age of 36yrs old. His homocysteine levels came down to 8! which is great. I only use certain brands of supplements as some are totally synthetic and they do not resonate with the way I practice. The B vitamins, I use include ONLY methylated folate and B12 and I use a multivitamin that does not contain calcium, MORE ON THIS IN A LATER BLOG. The multi also contains CoQ10 which is a key player in heart health. To nourish the liver and kidneys I vary the homeobotanicals that I blend but the standard ones are HERE.  I WILL and do recommend supplements when required for a period of time depending on each individual’s lifestyle and history. I have a few client’s on the liposomal glutathione, who are heavily toxic and need that extra ‘oomph’ alog side their individualized programme. 

If you

– have a beer belly – have a family history of dementia – have a family history of heart disease – eat junk – smoke – drink alcohol – drink coffee

then you may benefit from having your homocysteine levels tested. Don’t wait for the arteriosclerosis to block the blood vessels so much that a heart attack is the ‘wake-up call’.

Remember the dementia link is also due to the ‘inflammation’ connection. High homocysteine means the body is inflamed, not as in hot, burning pains (although this can be the case) but that ongoing smoldering fire.

Hopefully, this gives you some ‘food for thought’ , but then the other question is WHY IS THE HOMOCYSTEINE HIGH? IS IT DUE TO SOLELY A POOR DIET, poor lifestyle choices? OR an underlying infection?

Mainstream medicine seems to lag behind by about 10 years, so don’t wait for the doctor to test you, ask for the test or get it done privately and see a qualified nutritionist to put together a plan for you.

Menfolk, don’t wait too long, invest in your health. It is a simple blood test for homocysteine

To health and vitality!


PS. there is no medication to bring down homocysteine, so the answer is in changing your nutrition, changing your lifestyle.

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