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Diabetes aka Sugar Rush

Hi everyone,

Let’s talk diabetes …the word itself conjures up images of…….

  1. obesity

  2. fatty foods

  3. sugar

  4. heart disease

  5. food restrictions

  6. sedentary lifestyles

I am sharing simple facts on type II diabetes not type I. Type I diabetes is whereby the cells of the pancreas have stopped producing insulin. Type II diabetes is more about the body not actually ‘hearing what your insulin is saying’ although you have that precious insulin.

As to type I, well how it occurs is questionable but there are strong links between toxins and any auto-immune condition of which Type I diabetes is just one. An auto-immune condition in basic terms is a condition whereby the immune system ‘attacks’ it’s own body. So in Type I diabetes it is the insulin producing cells of the pancreas that are attacked. This concept of the body attacking itself, is rather alien, don’t you think?

For now I am focusing on type II diabetes, which is one of the leading ‘diseases’ in the Western World.

Did you know you can be active and slim and still be diabetic or get diabetes? There is this belief that to be diabetic you have to be overweight, well let me correct that thinking right now. You can be slim and active and be diabetic.

Research is now showing that high sugar in the blood can actually lead to change in ‘cell behaviour’ which can lead to cancer. Yes you read it correctly! Don’t stop now, keep reading as you may know someone going through this…and this advise could be absolutely vital for them.

Sugar can change a healthy growing cell into an unhealthy cancerous cell. One such recent study (published in Oncogenesis 2017) has shown that high blood sugar can exacerbate colon cancer by impacting an important pathway involved in the cell growth cycle.

High sugar can cause all manner of health issues. Too much sugar in the diet impacts the following….

  1. oxidation, this can impact memory, cause brain fog even increase the incidence of dementia

  2. development of chronic health issues, such as diabetes, hypothyroid, chronic fatigue, high blood pressure, cancer

  3. immune modulation,  this will impact the way the body deals with viruses, bacteria and other un-invited guests. Thus, trying to clear up a cold or a chest infection can become an issue. Or you may start experiencing urinary tract infections, on going coughs and colds, sinusitis etc.

  4. ageing as in symptoms of ageing rapidly and in an unhealthy manner . I have no issues with ageing but on how we age.

So how can you start this journey? The simple and easy answer is to remove these toxins and start to nurture your detoxification organs.. These organs are vital for healthy living. So where do we find toxins? They are found in ….

  1. low fat foods

  2. medications

  3. household products

  4. junk foods

  5. fried foods

  6. sugar laden foods – BE WARNED that glucose syrup, aspartame, inverted sugar syrups (yuck yuck) are basically diabetes in a shot!

  7. hydrogenated fats

These are just a few tips to get you started. For a more individual tailor made plan you can contact me here.

If you are serious in making the next step into removing toxins from your lifestyle then remember to check out and sign up for my online webinar course here and learn how to replace the toxic meds in your home with non- toxic ones.

To Health!


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